Foxconn, Trump announce Wisconsin factory that may bring up to 13,000 new jobs

President Donald Trump announced on Wednesday that Foxconn, best known for manufacturing iPhones, will be opening a factory in Wisconsin, potentially bringing in 13,000 new jobs into the swing state that went Republican in 2016.

Trump was accompanied by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, and House Leader Paul Ryan at the White House, along with Foxconn CEO Terry Gou. Foxconn is expected to build a plant that produces display panels for large televisions at Ryan’s home district in southeastern Wisconsin.

The move is hailed by the White House as proof of the Trump administration keeping its promise to bring manufacturing jobs back to America, a talking point since he was on the campaign trail.

“This is a great day for American workers and manufacturers,” said Trump at the announcement. “To make such an investment, Chairman Gou put his faith into the American economy. If I didn’t get elected, he definitely would not have spent $10 billion.”

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(Watch Trump’s announcement in the White House livestream below.)



The Taiwanese manufacturer was long rumored to be expanding into the United States. After discussing with six other states, Foxconn decided on Wisconsin and will bring 3,000 new jobs initially.

The announcement comes a day after a Wall Street Journal report in which Trump said Apple CEO Tim Cook promised to build three new “beautiful” manufacturing plants in the United States.

“(Cook) promised me three big plants — big, big, big,” said Trump on Tuesday. “I said you know, Tim, unless you start building your plants in this country, I don’t consider my administration an economic success. He called me, and he said they are going forward.”

It is unclear if the plants Trump mentioned actually include Foxconn. While Foxconn is well-known for manufacturing Apple products in China, it is not an exclusively Apple supplier. Foxconn has contracts with Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Google and Nintendo, among others.

With the new plant in Wisconsin, Foxconn is expected to receive a sizable tax break. A package of local, state and federal tax breaks may tally up to $3 billion, according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. 

Foxconn is expected to invest $10 billion and expand its facilities in Wisconsin over a two-and-a-half-year period, according to Bloomberg. The manufacturer reportedly is still in talks for a second plant in Michigan, according to the Detroit News.

But many observers are wary of Foxconn’s big promises after its 2013 plan to build a high-tech factory in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania fell through. Foxconn also has a trail of broken promises in Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam, according to the Washington Post.


Photo: A production line at the Foxconn complex in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen on May 26, 2010. (Kin Cheung/AP)


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