Social media satisfaction: Google+ most beloved social network, Twitter gets a Trump bump

Bigger isn’t necessarily better for social media users.

Google+ ranked highest among the social networks in customer satisfaction, earning a score of 81 out of 100 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index for 2017.

The ACSI, which is based on a survey of 4,978 people by email from June 25, 2016 to May 9, 2017, also found that Google remains the highest-ranked search engine and that Fox’s news site is still in first place among online news sources.

Google+, the social network started by Google in 2011, never really caught on with the masses who were already used to Facebook and Twitter. But the social network, which underwent an interest-focused redesign in 2015, continues to resonate with its loyal users. One estimate pegs that number of users at 111 million, which is a fraction of the 2 billion monthly users of the world’s biggest social network, Facebook.

Pinterest, another smaller social network (it has 175 million users), was second to Google+ with a 78 on the ACSI.

The rest of the major social networks scored as follows: Wikipedia (77), Instagram (75), YouTube (74), Twitter (70), Facebook (68), Tumblr (68) and LinkedIn (65).

Google+’s score in 2017 is up from its 2016 score of 76, something the ACSI report attributed to its “more niche-like customer base” and “seamless integration with other Google products across the platform.”

But it was Twitter that saw the biggest jump in its score year over year, perhaps thanks to a Trump bump.

From the ACSI report: “Twitter posts the largest gain, up 8% to 70. During the past few years, users have looked to social media for up-to-the-minute news, and now even major news networks have become reliant on Twitter for information about what is happening in the world — and in the White House.”

As for satisfaction with search, the search engines that followed Google were Bing, Yahoo, Ask, MSN, AOL and

In online news, ABC’s news site was second to Fox, followed by USA Today, New York Times, MSNBC, CNN and Huffington Post.

(HT Washington Post)


Above: Screenshot of Collections in the redesigned Google+ in 2015.


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