Google hires new diversity chief, fresh from her work at Intel

Danielle Brown has a big job ahead of her, as the incoming chief of diversity at a major multinational firm with a serious diversity problem.

It’s not as if Google is alone in being a largely white, male Silicon Valley tech company — low numbers of women, blacks and Latinos are a visible hallmark of the region’s technology sector. And Google, by leading the way on reporting its own lack of diversity, has turned the spotlight on itself.

Judging from comments by Google HR head Eileen Naughton, Brown will be applying the skills she honed as an Intel diversity executive to virtually every area of her new firm’s business.

“There are areas for improvement across the board — in terms of our hiring, our promotion and retention, our commitments, our working environment, and how we measure success or failure,” Naughton wrote in a blog post June 29.

“Danielle will look at our efforts in all these areas afresh.”

The company, according to its most recent diversity report, is only 31 percent female, 4 percent Latino and 2 percent black. Whites make up 56 percent of the workforce, Asians 35 percent.

Naughton noted gains at Google in recent years.

“In the past three years, women in tech roles have grown from 17 percent to 20 percent … and women in leadership roles have grown from 21 percent to 25 percent,” Naughton wrote.

Brown achieved some success in building diversity at Intel, before leaving that company earlier in June, according to TechCrunch.

“For the last couple of years, Brown has been at the forefront of Intel’s diversity efforts,” the tech site reported June 29.

“In the last diversity report under Brown’s leadership, Intel reported that it hit its goal of retaining diverse employees,” with women and people of color leaving the company at about the same rate as majority groups.

In 2016, about 14 percent of Intel’s newly hired workers came from underrepresented minority groups, boosting the percentage of people of color in its workforce up a fraction from the middle of the year to the end, according to TechCrunch.

Google’s previous head of diversity, Nancy Lee, left Google earlier this year.


Photo: Technology workers are seen outside a Google office building (Bay Area News Group)


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  • RegularGuy55

    Yawn. Call me when they make a sincere effort to tackle AGE discrimination. Tell us how many ‘over-40’ and how many ‘under-40’ worker you have. Tell us how many ‘over-40’ employees you hire from your annual total hiring.

    They’re so busy counting gender and ethnicity that no one mentions AGE is also a criteria for employment discrimination.

    • Jeff

      Does anyone care? There will always be someone who will want to complain about something….Cant teach old dogs new tricks sorry. Cant force them to either.

      Should we do something about the landscaping companies which have alarming numbers of Mexicans and Latinos?

      • chris

        “Cant force them to either”? What are you even trying to say? Apparently you can’t teach young guys grammar.

        • Jeff

          Sorry for your comprehension issues but thats just embarassing for you not me.

          • chris

            Young Jeff, one doesn’t get embarrassed on the interwebs. It is too easy to hide! Surely you understand that dynamic as it is what provides the confidence to naive and uninformed fellows, such as yourself, to inarticulately spew such nonsense.

          • Jeff

            Lol. Yeah keep on replying to my comment without addressing the article. Youll appear smart eventually!!

          • chris

            Well, you got me there, Jeff. Because if it is not printed, I can’t read it and my printer is down today. You know what they say ” Cant teach old dogs new tricks…Cant force them to either”

          • Jeff

            Man it must be really important to you! I feel so sorry for you to have to spend so much time. Keep coming back please. You look so much smarter each time.

      • RegularGuy55

        Does anyone care? What you’re asking is whether or not someone cares about an anti-discrimination employment law. Not a lot – many none – of the under 40 bunch care much – at least for now.

        Your landscaping comment is a complete non-sequitur.

  • gippatel

    I guess we can’t just hire the best person for the job, regardless of color, sex, national origin, etc. Instead we need quotas.

    The problem is that the expectation is unreasonable. The numbers hired are a reflection of who goes into tech vs. who doesn’t. Why do these people keep insisting that it should reflect the population at large?

    There is nothing to see here, folks!!!