Off Topic: Nixon and Father’s Day, a very fat cat and a gator on the porch in Florida. (Of course).

This weekend is Father’s Day, and that day of honoring Dear Ol’ Dad has been around for more than 100 years. But we can thank Richard Nixon and the men’s clothing industry for making Father’s Day an official “holiday” back in 1972….There are fat cats, and then there is Symba, a 35-pound Tabby that doesn’t like to exercise….And speaking of cats, Purina says it has found a way to stop watching cat-ad dollars on dog people….Where does an alligator loiter? Wherever he wants, because he’s in Florida.

Photo: In this March 19, 1974 file photo, President Richard Nixon pounds his fist during a news conference in Houston. Nixon made Father’s Day an official “holiday” in 1972. (AP Photo, File)


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