On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s on the Thursday menu.

European lawmakers propose giving police forces direct access to tech companies’ servers in case of emergencies. (BBC)

Washington-based GOP firm thinks Silicon Valley needs help reaching “red America,” is setting up shop in Oakland to help tech with opposition research and reach conservatives. (Recode)

Facebook to share information with aid groups after natural disasters. (Company blog post)

New Facebook tools aim to help connect lawmakers, constituents. (Hill)

U.S. patent office names interim director to replace Michelle Lee, who has resigned. Joseph Matal is a Stanford and Cal alumni. (Press release)

Honda details plans for self-driving cars (rollout by 2025), robotics, electric vehicles. (Reuters)

Hackers target al-Jazeera as Qatar crisis deepens. (Guardian)


Photo: A 3D rendering of a server room. Some European lawmakers want to give police direct access to tech companies’ servers. (Thinkstock)


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