Google parent Alphabet’s board opposes ‘gender pay gap’ report

As the annual stockholders’ meeting for Google’s parent firm Alphabet approaches, investors including a wealth-management company are asking shareholders to demand a report on a gender-pay gap the tech giant contends does not exist.

The stockholder proposal seeks approval at the June 7 meeting for generation of a report outlining “policies and goals to reduce the gender pay gap” at the Mountain View tech behemoth.

Such a report “would include the percentage pay gap between male and female employees across race and ethnicity, including base, bonus and equity compensation, policies to address that gap, methodology used, and quantitative reduction targets,” according to the proposal, contained in a proxy statement to shareholders.

While the proposal from investors Eleanor Shorter and CB Wealth Generation provides statistics about the company’s lack of gender equality in its workforce and in leadership roles, it provides no information indicating women at the company are paid less than men.

The issue, however, is a hot one for Alphabet and Google, the subsidiary that makes up the vast majority of Alphabet’s business. Google has been accused by the U.S. Department of Labor of “extreme” pay discrimination against women. The department is suing Google in a San Francisco federal administrative court trying to compel it to produce employee-pay data and names and contact information for workers. A judge’s decision is expected on or soon after June 5.

Unsurprisingly, since Google has said definitively in connection with the lawsuit that “there is no gender pay gap at Google,” the Alphabet board is recommending that shareholders vote against the measure.

The board, however, stops short of denying that a gender pay gap exists in the company.

“The compensation structure at Google is designed to prevent gender pay differences by setting pay targets by job,” says the board’s opposing statement. “The pay targets are set using pay data on peer companies collected from industry surveys.

“Pay equity analyses are also conducted regularly to determine whether our compensation structure is working as intended.”


Photo: A man walks past a building on the Google campus in Mountain View in 2012. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)



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  • Unsurprisingly, since Google has said definitively in connection.

    • Photo: A man walks past a building on the Google campus in Mountain View in 2012. (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)ur

  • PeacePromoter

    On the gender pay gap:

    Women’s advocates insist employers everywhere pay women less than men for doing exactly the same work in the exact same occupations and careers, working side-by-side with men on the same job for the same organization, working the same number of hours per week, traveling the same amount of time for work obligations, with the same exact work experience and education, with exactly the same level of productivity.

    Yet these advocates also seem to think employers’ prime modus operandi is greed. (“Corporate greed” may be one of the Left’s more salient rallying calls.)

    Thus they no doubt believe employers would hire only illegal immigrants for their lower labor cost if they could get away with it (many do get away with it), or would move their business to a cheap-labor country to save money (many do this even more since “the onrush of globalization, which enables companies to find cheap labor abroad”–_and_can_help_get_us_out_134069.html), or would replace old workers with young ones for the same reason.

    So why do these same advocates think employers would NOT hire only women if, as they say, employers DO get away with paying females at a lower rate than males for the same work?

    Many of America’s most sophisticated women choose to earn less than their male counterparts:

    “Female physicians worked about 5 hours fewer per week than their male counterparts through age 54….”

    “In 2011, 22% of male physicians and 44% of female physicians worked less than full time, up from 7% of men and 29% of women from Cejka’s 2005 survey.”

    “…[O]nly 35 percent of women who have earned MBAs after getting a bachelor’s degree from a top school are working full time.” It “is not surprising that women are not showing up more often in corporations’ top ranks.”

    “Compared to men, women view professional advancement as equally attainable, but less desirable”

    “Women Dominate College Majors That Lead to Lower-Paying Work” -Harvard Business Review, April 19, 2017

    “Young men have been faring far worse” than young women. -Boston Globe, May 22, 2017,

    See other reasons the wage gap hasn’t closed after thousands of measures over many decades:

    “Salary Secrecy — Discrimination Against Women?”


    More and more people have become aware of the real causes of the gender wage gap. (Read the growing number of comments at the end of reports on the gap.) Thus liberals’ long-running, false wage-gap narrative has, I believe, helped hugely to create this:

    “Republicans don’t have near as big a woman problem as Democrats have a man problem.” WSJ

    And this:

    “The whole Democratic Party is now a smoking pile of rubble: In state government things are worse, if anything. The GOP now controls historical record number of governors’ mansions, including a majority of New England governorships. Tuesday’s election swapped around a few state legislative houses but left Democrats controlling a distinct minority. The same story applies further down ballot, where most elected attorneys general, insurance commissioners, secretaries of state, and so forth are Republicans.”

  • Wow, Google talks of “equality” for illegal aliens, H1-B visa, and terrorist, but when it comes to the subjugation of women, they take the extremist way. What losers.