Apple to test new 5G connection speeds in Cupertino and Milpitas

If you are in Cupertino or Milpitas, keep your eyes peeled for any blazingly fast internet speeds on your iPhone: There may be a chance you are trying out Apple’s new experimental 5G wireless technology.

Apple filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for an experimental license to potentially increase the speed and bandwidth of the iPhone’s connection, according to Business Insider, which obtained the document first.

Apple will test at two locations in Milipitas and Cupertino. The Milpitas location is on Yosemite Drive, while the Cupertino one is on Mariani Avenue, at the former Apple headquarters.

“These assessments will provide engineering data relevant to the operation of devices on wireless carriers’ future 5G networks,” reads the application.

The 5G technology, also called millimeter wave, is considered the new frontier of cellular connection technology. Compared to an LTE connection, a 5G connection is supposed to provide much faster speeds and reduced latency — meaning devices can access data without any delays — because of its higher frequency in wavelengths.

Apple listed the 28- and 39-gigahertz spectrum bands — which have been approved by the FCC for commercial technology — as its targeted wavelengths. The experiment will not last longer than 12 months, according to the application.

While nearly all cellular carriers like Verizon and AT&T are experimenting with 5G technology, Apple’s foray into cellular technology is a first for the company, at least publicly. The state of 5G technology is still in its early days, and the prospect of a 5G-run iPhone is still years away.

Apple’s experiment may also be a flare signal targeted at Qualcomm, its wireless chips supplier. Apple and Qualcomm have been mired in a messy, multibillion-dollar lawsuit over licensing royalty fees  for the past five months. If the experiment is successful, it can pave the way for Apple to support 5G technology without the need for Qualcomm’s wireless chips.


Photo: Apple iPhone with the Amazon app open. (Bay Area News Group)


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  • cent99

    “If you are in Cupertino or Milpitas, keep your eyes peeled for any blazingly fast internet speeds on your iPhone”
    This is only testing on Apple test devices and your iphone reception will not be affected by this.

  • Richard Roll

    You would need a 5g phone to connect. It won’t work with any regular iPhone.