On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s on the Friday menu.

French researchers find way to unlock WannaCry files ahead of today’s ransom deadline. They say it works only in certain cases. The ransomware attacks broke out a week ago. (Reuters)

Uber is making another push for arbitration in its battle against Waymo. (Bloomberg)

Former Uber employee claims he was fired after he complained to HR on behalf of female colleagues who were being sexually harassed. (Reveal)

Chelsea Clinton’s husband joins Silicon Valley VC firm Social Capital (but he’s working in New York). (Bloomberg)

About 40,00o AT&T workers could walk off the job starting this afternoon if they don’t reach a contract agreement with . (Fortune)

Reporter says he was manhandled by FCC guards, thrown out of FCC offices when he tried to ask a commissioner a question on Thursday, which was when the FCC voted to begin dismantling net neutrality rules. FCC says it apologized and was ¬†“on heightened alert… based on several threats.” (WaPo)

Mark Zuckerberg, who is giving a commencement speech and getting an honorary degree at Harvard next week, posted a video of his reaction when he got into Harvard. His dad seemed more excited. (Facebook post)

Months after Nextdoor said it would fix racial profiling on its platform, it’s still a problem. (BuzzFeed)


Photo: Employees watch electronic boards to monitor possible ransomware cyberattacks at the Korea Internet and Security Agency in Seoul, South Korea, on May 15, 2017. (Yun Dong-jin/Yonhap via AP)


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