Does he like you? Could she not care less? This app decodes your crush’s texts

We’ve all gotten that text with the confusing ellipses or the ambiguous emjoi that leaves us wondering: What does it all mean?

That’s where Crushh comes in — the app that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your text exchanges and determine how much your crush, friend, significant other, co-worker or spouse really likes you.

Based in Brooklyn, Crushh promises to read the “body language” behind text messages to decode their hidden meanings.

“Imagine having the ability to see the signs that your boyfriend or girlfriend is going to break up with you,” the website says. “Or reveal someone you didn’t realize was secretly in love with you.”

To use it, download the app and select the content you want analyzed. Then the app gives you a score out of five to indicate who likes who more — a 2.5 means you and your texting partner like (or hate) each other the same amount, a higher number means they like you more, and a lower number means you like them more.

The app looks at factors including frequency, length of responses and response times, and analyzes words, punctuation and emoji usage within the texts. Crushh claims it can show how a score has changed over the length of a relationship, and will show the corresponding texts from any day so you can pinpoint which texts may have caused a shift in the relationship.

And it’s all done in secret, so your crush will never know (hence the “shh” in the app’s name).

The app is free to use, but is only available for Android phones. That’s because iPhones don’t let apps access iMessages, according to Mashable. And for now, Crushh can only analyze your text messages — if you have confusing WhatsApp, Messenger or Snapchat messages, you’re on your own. Crushh says it’s working on making the app available on other platforms.

Earlier this month CQ reported the app had 25,000 downloads.

Photo: Screenshot of the Crushh app from the company website. (Crushh)



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