On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s going on in tech.

Lyft reportedly has told investors that its ridership and bookings soared in the first quarter, while losses are shrinking. (Bloomberg)

New Amazon Echo Look includes a camera and gives you advice on what to wear. (Business Insider)

S.F. startup Luxe to end door-to-door valet service, says it will launch new service this summer. (TechCrunch)

Uber to help fund benefits program for its drivers in Britain. (Reuters)

Google, like Facebook, won’t punish workers who choose to protest Donald Trump on May 1, International Workers Day. (Mashable)

Venture capitalist Chris Sacca of “Shark Tank” fame, an early investor in Twitter and Uber, to retire from investing. (Bloomberg)

Cyber attacks involving ransomware increased 50 percent in 2016, Verizon data-breach report says. (Bloomberg)

ICYMI: Last year, the solar industry employed more Americans than coal, and wind power topped 100,000 jobs. (NYT)

FCC filings show Google-branded headphones. It’s unclear what they’re for, besides the obvious use for headphones. (Business Insider)

Hackers exploited a Microsoft Word bug for months, researchers say. (BBC)

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff took a 60 percent pay cut last year to appease shareholders. (Business Insider)

“Textalyzer” technology would allow police to see if driver was on phone at time of a crash, but privacy advocates have concerns. (NPR)


Photo: Lyft’s signature mustache. (Courtesy of Lyft)


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