Apple environmental report touts green progress, high-minded goals

Apple has released a new environmental progress report that touts its green progress on multiple fronts, including one of Silicon Valley’s future landmarks, the company’s spaceship-shaped headquarters, officially known as Apple Park.

“To ask less of the planet, we ask more of ourselves,” is how the introduction to the report reads.

Yet in many ways, the company’s headquarters, which will become the iconic physical symbol of Apple in future decades, is also front and center in the environmental progress report, which covers the company’s 2016 fiscal year.

“Our new corporate campus, Apple Park, is on track to be the largest LEED Platinum–certified building in North America,” the company stated in the report. “Over 80 percent of the new campus is open space with more than 9,000 drought-tolerant trees. It’s powered by 100 percent renewable energy.”

The report, however, also poses a weighty question, and one that won’t be easy for a complex tech titan with $218.12 billion in revenue and $45.22 billion in profits.

“Can we power a global business with the sun, wind, and water?” the company asks of itself.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the company answered this nettlesome question in the affirmative.

“One hundred percent of the electricity we use to power our data centers, and 96 percent used by our facilities worldwide, comes from energy sources like solar, hydro, and wind power,” Apple stated in the report. “So every time you send an iMessage or ask Siri a question, it’s powered by renewable energy.”

Cupertino-based Apple also says it’s pushing its manufacturing partners to go green as well.

“Seven major suppliers have now pledged to power their Apple production entirely with renewable energy by the end of next year,” the company said. “We’re making strides toward our commitment to bring four gigawatts of renewable power online by 2020, a key step in reducing our manufacturing footprint.”

The company also said it is “moving toward a closed-loop supply chain,” saying that one day it hopes to build products using only recycled materials.


Image from Apple’s Environmental Responsibility 2017 Progress Report


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