Yahoo, with Finance and Sports, will live on after Verizon sale, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong says

Verizon was widely mocked for choosing “Oath” as the name for the new company that will be formed from a merged Yahoo and AOL after Verizon buys Yahoo.

But now AOL CEO Tim Armstrong says Oath will be a background brand, and that Yahoo will live on.

“The Oath brand is a brand that stays behind the scenes,” Armstrong told NPR. “The real brands that we’re going to be promoting are things like Yahoo, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, TechCrunch, Huffington Post.”

But since the word “Yahoo” now brings to mind the company’s two world-record hacks of user data, one of which Yahoo knew about for nearly two years before disclosing, Armstrong made certain to address data security. An investment in “a much deeper level of security” at Yahoo and AOL has already been approved, he told the broadcaster in an interview aired April 5.

Yahoo users may have to change passwords more often, and a system will be in place “that allows consumers to understand how their individual actions affect the security and readiness of their accounts,” Armstrong said.

With Yahoo, AOL and Verizon all together, the combined user data could see Verizon becoming the third-biggest targeted-advertising player in the world, Everest Group IT researcher Jimit Arora told NPR.

The $4.5 billion sale of most of Yahoo to Verizon — thrown into jeopardy by news of Yahoo’s massive data breaches — is expected to close between April and June.

Armstrong would not discuss the fate of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who was brought on to turn Yahoo around but has been widely criticized for failing to do so, and for presiding over the company when the hacks occurred. A new executive team will likely be announced in June, Armstrong said.


Photo: AOL CEO Tim Armstrong (AP Photo/Google)


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