Report: FBI director’s social media handles uncovered

FBI Director James Comey is on Twitter and Instagram. A Gizmodo reporter things she’s figured out his handles.

At a dinner for the intelligence community earlier this week, Comey mentioned in passing that he has accounts on both of the social networking services. Now, being that he’s the head of the FBI and all and snooping and security are his stock in trade, you can probably guess that he’s not using his real name on either site. You’re not going to find him by simply searching for “James Comey” or “JamesComey” or “ComeyJames” or “Mr. FBI.”

But Gizmodo’s Ashley Feinberg was determined to find him anyway. She started, as any good sleuth might, with the people around him, his family.

After doing a little digging into the social media presences of Comey’s wife and children, Feinberg found out the now-defunct Twitter handle of Comey’s son Brien. Through a series of hops, she found an Instagram account she strongly believes to be Comey’s. Knowing the name he used for that account led her in turn to what she thinks is his Twitter account.

You should check out Feinberg’s story, because it’s a fun research journey she embarked on. Comey and the FBI have declined to comment, so we don’t know for sure that it’s his, but her evidence looks pretty good. And New York Times reporter Adam Goldman, who covers the FBI, said on Twitter said he knew the account Feinberg identified on the site was Comey’s.

The account Comey allegedly uses on Twitter follows a bunch of reporters who cover the FBI and posted tweets about FBI goings on (most have since been deleted). One of the handful of followers of the account is a national security law expert who is a known friend of Comey.

Oh, and who is Comey’s alleged social media alter ego? A 20th century theologian named Reinhold Niebuhr on whom Comey wrote his senior thesis in college.

Photo: Screen shot of Twitter account for “Reinhold Niebuhr,” the alleged social media alias of FBI Director James Comey.


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