Here come the Munchkins: Waze to let users order ahead from Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts coming back to the Bay Area is one of the greatest things ever to happen to this region. No one denies this. And the three shops in the area — in South San Francisco, Walnut Creek and Half Moon Bay — are certainly temples of donut-y awesomeness to anyone who visits there for a box of Munchkins.

Ah, but what to do when you are in a hurry for work in the morning, or just want to pick up a dozen on the way home? Why just go into the local “Dunks,” as many in Dunkin’s New England home region call the place? What if there were a magical way to place your order ahead of time so that your “large regular” coffee was waiting for you when you arrive at the closest Dunkin’ Donuts possible?

Well, you can thank Google’s Waze traffic navigation app, because it has answered your prayers.

Waze announced a new partnership that makes Dunkin’ Donuts the first brand to be included in Waze’s Order Ahead feature. You need to use Waze, have the Dunkin’ Donuts app installed on your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android smartphone and be a member of Dunkin’s DD Perks loyalty program.

But once you do that, you can order directly from Dunks while you are in the Waze app. Of course, you would want to do this before you get on the road, because we all know better than to be messing around with our phones while we are driving, right?

Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. However, instead of Waze getting a piece of any Dunkin’ orders placed through the feature, Dunkin’ has agreed to increase its advertising on the Waze platform. Waze is expected to add more brands to its Order Ahead feature.

So, the next time you fire up Waze to get you through traffic, keep in mind the doughnuts that can be waiting for you when you pull up to that Dunkin’ on the horizon. And be sure to grab some extra napkins for when that jelly-filled one spills out all over your car seat.

Photo: Waze is teaming up with Dunkin’ Donuts to let its users order from the doughnut chain ahead of time with the Waze app. (Courtesy Dunkin’ Donuts)


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