Uber self-driving car tests back on in San Francisco after crash

Uber’s self-driving cars are rolling on the streets of San Francisco again after a weekend crash grounded the company’s self-driving fleet.

The company said Monday that its “development operations” in San Francisco resumed this morning. But the tests remain suspended in the two other cities where Uber is also testing autonomous vehicles: Tempe, Arizona and Pittsburgh.

A self-driving vehicle Uber was testing in Tempe was involved in a crash Friday. Police said the vehicle, which was in self-driving mode, was not to blame — another vehicle failed to yield to the Uber while making a left turn. The Uber vehicle ended up rolling on its side.

Uber just resumed its self-driving tests in San Francisco this month after finally agreeing to apply for the necessary California permits. The company had previously refused to apply for permission, causing its self-driving Volvos to get kicked off California roads in December. Uber had said it didn’t need to apply for a permit because its vehicles always have a driver behind the wheel.


Photo: An Uber self-driving car is pictured in Arizona. (Courtesy Uber)


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