Trump is our ‘lord and savior’? ABC News and GMA’s Twitter accounts hit by hackers

Hackers took over the Twitter accounts of ABC News and Good Morning America Thursday morning, sending out tweets filled with profanity, fake news and praise for President Donald Trump.

“Trump is our lord and savior #thankgodforTHEDONALD,” one of the tweets read.

The news agency confirmed on Twitter that three of its Twitter accounts were hacked, but the issue was fixed. It did not say how the accounts got compromised.

While the tweets are now deleted, some reporters took screenshots of what was being sent to millions of the news agency’s followers.

One tweet falsely claimed that Tyler the Creator died in a tour bus crash followed by messages filled with profanity.

Another claimed the accounts were taken over by Russian hackers who love the president.

And ABC News even tweeted that its own news was “wack.”

ABC News isn’t the only media outlet or organizations that has been targeted by hackers this month.

McDonald’s claimed its Twitter account was compromised after it criticized the president in a tweet.

Last week, several high-profile Twitter accounts, including Duke University, Forbes and Amnesty International, started tweeting out the same Turkish message filled with swastikas and Nazi hashtags following a hack.

That hack, though, appeared to be tied to a third-party app.

Photo: The Twitter building is photographed Dec. 14, 2015, in San Francisco, Calif. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)


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  • Jack Brown

    no hacking,white people believe trump is jesus.why? don’t know and don’t care.