Apple heads into Snapchat territory with Clips

Apple seems to be aiming at Snapchat and Facebook’s Instagram with a new video-creation app.

Dubbed Clips, the app promises to allow users to easily make videos by combining live takes with pre-recorded video clips and photographs. The app, which is set to debut next month as a free download for iPhones and iPads, will let users customize their videos with filters, special effects and virtual stickers.

“Clips gives iPhone and iPad users a new way to express themselves through video,” Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of apps product marketing, said in a statement.

IPhones and iPads already come with a “Photos” app pre-installed that allows them to shoot videos. They also can download iMovie, an app that allows users to edit clips to create polished-looking videos and movie trailers.

But the new Clips app is more akin to Snapchat and Instagram, social media apps that allow users to create fun photos and videos they can share easily with friends an on social networks. Unlike those apps, though, Clips won’t be attached to a social network itself. Instead, users will be able to share the videos they create elsewhere, including in apps like Instagram, and via Apple’s Messages app.

Clips will have one thing that Snapchat and Instagram don’t, a feature Apple calls “Live Titles.” That feature will automatically create and add captions or titles to a video that echo to what a user is saying. The app will automatically sync the text generated by Live Titles with the corresponding audio in the video.

Users will have to be running Apple’s upcoming iOS 10.3 software to run Clips. The app will be available for the latest iPhones models beginning with the iPhone 5s and for all iPad Pro, iPad Air models and for the iPad mini models starting with the iPad mini 2.

Apple announced the app on the same day that it announced minor updates to its iPad and iPhone lineups, including a new red iPhone 7 model.

Screenshots from Apple’s new Clips app (Courtesy, Apple).


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