On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s on the Friday menu.

Google to revamp ad policies after U.K. and big brands boycott because their ads appeared beside offensive content. (Bloomberg, Google blog post)

Netflix is switching from star ratings to thumbs up or down. (Variety)

Apple plans two more research hubs in China, bringing total to four, all of which are scheduled to open this year. (Bloomberg)

Marissa Mayer gets rare praise — from feds investigating Yahoo hack, who say she was cooperative. (WSJ)

EU authorities demand changes in user terms of service from Facebook, Google, Twitter. (Reuters)

Google Home mentions new “Beauty and the Beast” movie, has to say it wasn’t an ad after users complain. (CNN)

Spotify will limit some new releases to paying subscribers only. (Guardian)


Photo: Netflix’s icon on the Apple TV interface. (AP)



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