Twitter hack: High-profile accounts tweet swastikas and Nazi hashtags

Several high-profile Twitter accounts, including Duke University, Forbes and Amnesty International, started tweeting out the same Turkish message filled with swastikas and Nazi hashtags after they were hacked early Wednesday morning.

Even pop star Justin Bieber and Starbucks weren’t safe from the attack.

Using the hashtags that translate to Nazi Germany and Nazi Holland, the tweets also said “See you on April 16,” the date a referendum is scheduled in Turkey that would give more power to Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

Erdogan last week accused the Dutch government of being “Nazi remnants and fascists” after officials blocked a Turkish minister from landing in the Netherlands. He’s also said that Germany was behaving like Nazis after authorities withdrew permission for two rallies that supported the referendum.

The hacks appeared to be tied to an app called Twitter Counter, an analytics company in the Netherlands.

On Wednesday, the company tweeted that its services have been temporarily disabled.

Twitter also tweeted that the company “identified an issue affecting a small number of users. Source was a 3rd party app and it has been resolved. No action needed by users.”

The accounts that were compromised have also been restored.

The hack didn’t come as a surprise to security experts.

“Many hacks follow this type of attack sequence. It’s easier to break into something less defended, which already has access to where you want to ultimately break in than it is to go after the well-protected application directly,” said Nathan Wenzler, chief security strategist at AsTech, a San Francisco-based security consulting company in a statement.

It was also a reminder that users should review what apps they have connected to their social media account.

To do so, go to your “Settings and Privacy” by clicking on your Twitter profile picture displayed on the right side of your web browser. Go to “Apps” in the navigation menu to see what apps have access to your Twitter feed.

“Remove any you don’t use or don’t trust. Make sure you are also reviewing your Twitter feed on a regular basis to ensure no tweets are being posted that you’re not aware of. Unusual messages are an immediate tell someone has gotten control of your account,” Wenzler said.

Photo: The Twitter building is photographed Dec. 14, 2015, in San Francisco, Calif. (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)


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    The Zionist Jews hate Nazis just like the Muslims hate them because the Nazis do not like different cultures and religions, their religion is power and control by violence and hate.