Spotify says it now has 50 million paid subscribers

Like any business, when it comes to streaming-music subscribers, numbers are what really matter.

And Spotify has the numbers that matter the most. Fifty million of them, to be exact.

Spotify said in a tweet that it has reached 50 million subscribers who shell out $5 to $15 a month, depending on the type of subscription, for the company’s ad-free, on-demand music-streaming options. (There is also a free version of Spotify, but there are limits on some of its music-streaming capabilities, such as being able to listen to on-demand music, and without ads, on mobile devices.) That number becomes more impressive when looking at where some of the other big names in subscription-based music streaming are today.

Apple Music claims it has 20 million subscribers who pay $10 a month for its on-demand service, while Pandora has 4.3 million paid subscribers for its Pandora Plus offering. That streaming option doesn’t allow for complete on-demand music listening, but the company is set to launch Pandora Premium, which will have on-demand song-selection capability, in the coming weeks. Tidal, the music service part-owned by musician Jay Z , is said to have a little more than 1 million customers paying $10 or $20 a month for its service.

Spotify’s reaching of the 50-million paid-subscriber level cements the company’s position as the leading online music-streaming service provider, especially when considering the company was at “only” 30 million such subscribers a year ago. When counting up users of its free service, Spotify now has more than 100 million total subscribers.

Photo: Spotify company logo. (Courtesy: Spotify)


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