More allegations of sexism at Uber — this time a female manager is blamed

Another former Uber engineer is speaking out against the company– accusing her female manager of making sexist comments.

In a blog post Friday, Keala Lusk wrote that her last days at Uber’s San Francisco office were “filled with disrespect, condescending managers, and sexism.” She claims Uber’s human resources department did nothing when she raised concerns about the company culture and her manager’s treatment of her — which she says included shaming her for wearing a tank top.

Uber on Friday said it would look into Lusk’s claims as part of another pending investigation into sexual harassment and sexism at the company.

“We take any and all allegations of this nature very seriously,” a company spokeswoman wrote in an emailed statement, “and have forwarded this to Attorney General Eric Holder and Tammy Albarran to include in their investigation.”

Lusk’s post follows explosive allegations by former engineer Susan Fowler Rigetti that the company ignored sexism and harassment in the office. Since then, Uber has faced two weeks of publicity nightmares — a senior executive was forced to resign after it came out that he was accused of sexual harassment while working for Google, a New York Times investigation uncovered instances of Uber managers sexually harassing and threatening employees, and a video went viral of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick arguing with a driver over fares. Kalanick has issued several apologies, and on Tuesday promised to get “leadership help.”

In the latest allegations, Lusk says her manager — also a woman — told her that her decision to wear a tank top to work was holding her back in her career and making another male manager reluctant to accept her into his team. The female manager, who Lusk did not name, suggested Lusk wear long sleeves for a few months.

The female manager then told Lusk a story about a former coworker who used to wear a see-through dress, “and the guys loved to play ping-pong with her and watch her jump around,” Lusk wrote. She said her manager told her: “I don’t think you are like that, but, you know, it’s a scale.”

Lusk says the article of clothing in question in her case was a black Defcon tank top that she wore to work almost every day.

“I was shocked and suddenly painfully aware of my body and appearance in a way that I’ve never been at work,” Lusk wrote. “It made me feel humiliated, as if I shouldn’t be wearing anything to show my arms or skin.”

Ever since then, Lusk says she’s felt uncomfortable wearing any of the clothes she owns to work.

Lusk says her manager also belittled her work and put unnecessary restrictions on her — prohibiting her from working at home or on other floors of the Uber office.

“Don’t even get me started on how I was scolded for not working on Thanksgiving,” she wrote. “Did I mention that…Thanksgiving is a company holiday? Oh, it doesn’t matter, underperforming.”

Lusk says she’s seen a mass exodus from her former manager’s team during her time at Uber.

“If Uber wants to become better, I think shedding light on dark situations like this is the first step to bringing about change,” Lusk wrote. “Management needs to stop shying away from the issues and pretending problems don’t exist. I know there are great people at the company that will push it forward in the right direction. They will stumble, and fall sometimes, but it’s all part of growing. I just wish it would happen sooner, and that people like me, Susan, and countless others, didn’t have to suffer for change to happen.”

Social media has exploded over the past few weeks with people offering support to Rigetti or coming forward with their own horror stories about Uber’s workplace culture. Another former Uber employee, who posted about her experience under the alias of Amy Vertino, said:

“Chauvinistic, racist and homophobic attitudes were far too normal at Uber. Once in a group chat, team members referred to a new Asian American recruit as slanty eye joe.”

Rigetti, who wrote the initial blog post, on Thursday said she has hired a lawyer:

Photo: A  woman leaves the headquarters of Uber in San Francisco in 2014. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg, File)


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