Google’s planned futuristic new Mountain View campus revealed as city council unanimously approves it

Google has unveiled visions of techie paradise, in updated plans for a futuristic new “Charleston East” campus in Mountain View.

The city’s councilors unanimously approved the plan March 7.

With a considerable degree of understatement, Google’s project consultants described the colossal main structure on the campus as “a building form not typically described in standard city codes.”

Indeed, it’s a building form not typically found outside science fiction. With two levels rising above a massive basement containing a utility plant, the 595,000-square-foot structure would boast a scalloped canopy roof tiled with solar panels and inset with skylight-windows.

Artist’s rendering of Google’s proposed Charleston East campus (City of Mountain View)

At its highest point, the building, between Amphitheatre Parkway and Charleston Road in Mountain View’s North Bayshore area, would be about 112 feet tall.

While there’s no shortage in the artist’s renderings of happy, shiny, Googley young folks, the images show humans not typically well represented at Google: children and old people.

That’s because the 18.7-acre campus features areas open to the public, including a park, a plaza and, on the ground floor of the main building, various pavilions, plus public amenities along an interior path or “artery.”

“Cafes and shops dot the artery to create a bustling social and retail destination open to both Googlers and the wider public,” the planning documents said.

“Smaller meandering paths between the pavilions provide quieter and more intimate spaces for collaboration and private conversation.”

Artist’s rendering of Google’s proposed Charleston East campus (City of Mountain View)

Also planned is a sculpture garden, with art “more like ‘Burning Man’ installations and less like ‘do not touch’ museum installations,” according to the planning documents.

A “green loop” with “savanna-like habitat” would connect the campus to the nearby Googleplex campus, through Charleston Park.

Artist’s rendering of Google’s proposed Charleston East campus (City of Mountain View)

To help prevent deaths of birds from hitting windows, an ornithologist was brought in, and glass will be used that is neither highly reflective nor perfectly transparent, as windows with those characteristics can contribute to avian fatalities.

Once Google receives a building permit, construction is expected to take 2 1/2 years.


Image: Artist’s rendering of Google’s proposed Charleston East campus (City of Mountain View)


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