Tech vs. Trump, again: Facebook, Twitter, Alphabet join opposition to transgender move

After banding together to fight the new administration’s immigration ban, the tech industry is again opposing a policy move by the new president.

Alphabet, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and others have joined the chorus of tech voices opposed to the Trump administration’s order this week to roll back federal protections for transgender students.

Apple, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings earlier this week took a stand against the administration’s move to tell public schools to disregard guidelines issued by the Obama administration last year over the use of bathrooms by transgender students. President Obama had said transgender students should be able to use the facilities that align with their gender identities, but his guidelines had been on hold pending lawsuits.

Donald Trump’s administration said this week the issue is best left to the states.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted the following Thursday:

Other companies made statements to various media outlets. The common theme: They would rather see policies that advocate for equal rights and treatment, not have such policies rescinded.

According to Bloomberg, Alphabet said it is “deeply concerned to see a rollback in transgender students’ rights.” Facebook said it “will continue to advocate for more rights instead of fewer.” Yahoo said “the action taken by the Administration is troubling and goes against all that we believe in.”

Pinterest, Lyft and Dell also weighed in, echoing the sentiments of the companies mentioned above. And Brad Smith, Microsoft’s president and chief legal officer, tweeted:

Tech companies and executives have opposed transgender bills and laws before, including North Carolina’s bathroom bill. Last year, boycotts and actions against a bill that requires people to use bathrooms that correspond to the gender listed on their birth certificate reportedly cost that state hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity.


Photo: This file photo taken on May 4, 2016 shows a sign posted outside Santee High School’s gender-neutral restrooms in Los Angeles. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)


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