Yahoo joins other tech giants in fight against Trump travel bans

Floundering Yahoo has taken a moment off from its struggles to stand up against the administration of President Donald Trump.

The beleaguered Sunnyvale firm, in the midst of a fragile sale process to Verizon and staggering from its two record-setting breaches of users’ personal data, on Feb. 17 signed onto a legal brief that opposes Trump’s executive order temporarily banning refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

Most other major Silicon Valley tech firms, aside from Oracle, have already joined the “amicus” brief. The executive order has been put on hold in the courts, but Trump has promised a new version soon.

The president has railed on Twitter against opponents of his bans, saying the “SECURITY OF OUR NATION IS AT STAKE” in the battle over the executive order.

Yahoo said in a blog post that it signed the brief because Trump’s order damages diversity, innovation and companies’ business operations, and is unconstitutional.

“Skilled, hardworking people around the world innovate together to make the products Yahoo users love,” the firm said. “In the United States alone, our (senior vice-president) of advertising and search emigrated from Chile, our chief information officer from Canada, and our (senior vice-president) of publisher products from Lebanon.”

Yahoo also noted that one of its co-founders, Jerry Yang, is from Taiwan. The Stanford graduate immigrated to the United States when he was 10.

The company addressed directly the issue underlying tech firms’ vocal opposition to the travel bans: their ability to access the broadest-possible global talent pool in order to remain competitive. “Inclusiveness and diversity,” Yahoo said, are “essential to recruit, grow, and retain the best talent in the world so we can create the best possible products.”

Yahoo’s sale to Verizon was initially announced as a $4.8 billion deal but was thrown into jeopardy by last year’s revelations that hackers stole user data from more than a billion accounts in one breach and at least a half billion in another.

This week, however, reports emerged suggesting the sale will go ahead, at a discount of around $250 million or $300 million.


Photo: Yahoo headquarters in Sunnyvale. (LiPo Ching/Bay Area News Group)


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  • Victor Yanez

    Diversity in Silicon Valley??? Gotta love the way these tech elitists justify their whiteness by ranting against the travel ban to make themselves feel good, and, hope the Trump Dept of Labor doesn’t demand to dig deep into these tech companies employee rosters to see exactly how much ‘diversity’ they really have. My guess is that the Feds will be hard pressed to find many Sheneequa Jacksons or Jorge Gonzalez’s on their payrolls.

  • Just ask the AXIS

    Truly laughable. Yahoo the “Fake News Giant” flatters itself.

  • Herman Jefferies

    OMG…there are 49 countries on this world that are predominately Muslim…Out of those, 7 predominately Muslim countries that have publicly expressed a unified hatred of the U.S. were put on a travel a ban to the U.S. until people and technology could be in place to vett the people that wanted visas to the U.S…FOR 90 DAYS. As per law, the President has complete, and sole priority to do this…and it amazes me that the courts dd not view the laws that state this. If companies can’t wait 90 days…and people can’t wait 90 days…until it can be ascertained that the people granted visas mean no harm to the country, and people, of the U.S….I am feel sorry for them that they have made a reasonable request from the President…a political agenda. Let me see if I get this straight…the companies are upset, because they can’t get foreign workers fast enough to replace, or hire instead of, American workers?

  • law0621

    It is a shame that so many Americans do not want a safe country here. I hope Jerry Yang from Taiwan is legal since he has been here from the age of ten. I would think in all those years he would take the time to become a citizen in that time.He would have nothing to fear.and he is not even on the 7 top ten countries banned. So just what is Yahoo’s problem. People and Companies keep closing their eyes to the fact that the President is attempting to make us safe. They don’t understand that other countries are watching and reading what is happening here and when they feel there is enough weakness set in, they will know when to strike. So please tell me, I know the gun owners here are ready to protect their county, family and friends, what are the others going to do because you won’t stop the fighting with tears and protest!! If this country doesn’t come together soon we could be doomed thanks to Soro/Obama/Clinton and his/their happy band of so called protesters and thugs and criminals. They alone are destroying our cities and beating up innocent people. This is such a grave shame!! If these thugs want to fight, join the military and help stop ISIS. They would get a paycheck, free clothing, shelter, and food.