Tesla Model S gets faster and faster

Speed limits may not change, but Tesla keeps getting faster.

The Model S P100D clocked a record acceleration time, reaching 60 mph in 2.27 seconds, according to Motor Trend. The time was the fastest ever recorded by the magazine for a production car.

The magazine noted that other vehicles slip past the Model S reaching higher speeds, including mechanical brutes from Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren.

Possible uses for that kind of speed? You’re trying to elude a mudslide or avalanche. Your name is Jason Bourne. You’re late.

Tesla’s P100D came out last year, boasting a bigger battery pack and more juice. It’s a premium package with 337 miles of range on a charge.  The package is also available on the Model S SUV.

But a cautious note to the EV’s speed and power — drive sober.

A fatal Tesla crash in Indianapolis was caused by a drunk driver, local authorities said.

The passenger and driver in a 2015 Model S were both intoxicated in the early morning, Nov. 3 crash into a tree and parking garage, according to The Indianapolis Star. The violent impact cracked open the battery pack, setting off a fire and explosion that rained vehicle parts on witnesses.

Photo: An exterior view of Tesla’s Model S beta prototype in 2011. (Dai Sugano/Mercury News)


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  • 9Awesomeb .

    My gosh! There are SO many errors in this article that I don’t know where to start! I’ll just tell you that Tesla does not have a Model S SUV, and none of their cars will go 337 miles on a charge (not EPA rated anyway) – and the P100D S can go 315 miles on a charge.

    I suppose the reason you didn’t fact check is that you don’t really expect anyone to read this article.

    • Pkmmte

      Well, to be fair, the new Model S 100D (non-performance) has an EPA rated range of 335.

  • Fake news Trumped real news

    As for the production of the vehicle, it’s still going at a snail’s pace.

    • Alan

      So the criticism has gone from “electric cars are slow and tinny, no one will ever want one” to “they can’t make them fast enough”? OK.