Merriam-Webster adds ‘binge-watch,’ ‘ghost’ and other tech words

Thanks to the dictionary, we have further proof of how technology has taken over our lives.

Among the 1,000 words just added by Merriam-Webster online are “ghost,” and we don’t mean Casper. We mean cutting off electronic communications with someone, especially if that person is an ex.

Other tech-related words just added include “binge-watch” (thanks, Netflix) and “humblebrag” (pretending not to brag, mostly online).

The dictionary also notes that “NSFW” (not safe for work, usually referring to stuff we look at on our computers) and the yawn-inducing “net neutrality,” which is the idea that all internet traffic should be treated equally, are recent additions. (We wrote about these words last year.)

“New tech terms are more about what we do with technology — how it is managed, deployed, and organized,” Merriam-Webster said in a blog post Tuesday. “Some of these terms came into use in the past decade, and none are more than twenty years old.”

Another addition to the dictionary that has at least a little bit of tech flavor — or at least has became popular online and on social media — includes “throw shade” (indirectly express disapproval of, which Merriam-Webster has been known to do on Twitter). The dictionary, which on its website has the humblebrag “since 1828” right next to its logo, sure has come a long way.


Photo: A couple watching Netflix, possibly getting ready to binge-watch. (Courtesy Netflix)


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