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Here’s what’s going on in tech on Monday…

— It was reported last week, but on Sunday, Apple, Alphabet, and almost 100 tech companies filed an amicus brief in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to challenge President Trump’s temporary immigration travel ban.

–Following its Super Bowl ad, Airbnb has launched a campaign to provide short-term housing for 100,000 people in need over the next five years. The campaign will start with refugees, disaster survivors and relief workers. And there’s a hashtag, of course, #weaccept.

–Yes, those were drones doing the lights in part of Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday. In fact, they were Intel’s Shooting Star drones.

–Flying cars? It looks like Uber has hired a NASA veteran to help the ride-sharing company develop, yes, flying cars.

–As Snap prepares for its IPO, its bigger rival, Facebook, is learning from Snap’s actions and borrowing some of its practices to attract younger users.

–Mobile carriers Verizon and T-Mobile have gotten into a Twitter spat after T-Mobile’s Super Bowl ads used a send up of “Fifty Shades of Grey” to mock Verizon’s service and charges.

–A U.S. judge in Philadelphia has ruled that Google must comply with search warrants and turn over emails stored outside the country. The decision is contrary to that in a similar case involving Microsoft.

–Google ran a Super Bowl ad for its Google Home technology, and it worked so well that people watching at home said it set of their own systems.

–San Francisco-based Nextdoor has purchased the assets of U.K. local-social network company Streetlife for an undisclosed amount.

–Blackberry…remember them?…The company  inked a deal to target smartphones at more than 1 billion people in India and surrounding areas.

Photo: Thousands of protesters gathered at JFK airport in New York on January 28 in protest of people detained under President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigrantion. On Sunday, Apple, Facebook and almost 100 tech companies filed an amicus brief against Trump’s action. (Courtesy: Stephanie Keith/Getty).


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