You’ll never guess what Tesla’s changing its name to

Tesla, Inc., formerly known as Tesla Motors, Inc., but actually formally known to most everyone on the planet as Tesla, is changing its name, as of today, to . . .

Tesla, Inc!

And, if you’re feeling really frisky, you can just call it Tesla. And if that weren’t exciting enough already, check out the SEC Form 8-K here, which includes jaw-dropping passages like this:

Pursuant to Section 242 of the General Corporation Law of the State of Delaware (the “ DGCL ”), Tesla Motors, Inc., a corporation organized and existing under the DGCL (the “Corporation ”), hereby certifies as follows:

A. The name of the Corporation is Tesla Motors, Inc.

B. The Amended and Restated Certificate of the Corporation (filed with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware on July 2, 2010, the “ Certificate ”) is hereby amended to reflect a change in the name of the Corporation by deleting Article I of the Certificate in its entirety and restating the same as follows:

“The name of the corporation is Tesla, Inc.”

The name change for the Palo Alto-based electric car pioneer makes perfect sense. Tesla, after all, is no longer just about ”motors,” or cars. The company run by Elon Musk last year bought panel-maker SolarCity, which is actually officially known as SolarCity Corp.

But we digress.

Tesla CEO Musk — who is also chairman of SolarCity — would like to sell his panels through Tesla’s stores. Customers can buy them to power their homes and charge their Tesla electric vehicles. The synergy, he’s hoping, will be dynamic.

Musk said in November that the companies’ first joint product — solar roof tiles that resemble traditional tiles — should be ready for installation by this coming summer.

As part of its efforts to create a sprawling energy empire, Tesla has constructed a massive factory in Nevada to crank out lithium ion batteries. Tesla also sells a battery system that can power a home.

Shares of Tesla, like most of the market on Wednesday morning, were down a fraction to $250.83 shortly after 8 a.m. Pacific Time.


Photo: Guests check out Tesla cars at a ceremony in Shanghai. (AFP/Getty Images)




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  • Jeff Safire

    Testa, Inc. Has a nice ring to it. 😐

  • Walking Fool

    I always thought it was just Tesla.