Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg: Trump’s immigration order defies nation’s ‘heart and values’

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said Tuesday that President Donald Trump’s immigration order defied “the heart and values” that define the best of America, joining other Silicon Valley tech executives who have criticized the refugee ban.

Sandberg, who was part of a group of tech executives who met with Trump last December, has spoken out before about the president’s order to ban U.S. aid to providers of abortion counseling and services overseas.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also raised concerns Trump’s immigration plan last week, but Sandberg’s post focuses more on the impact on women.

“Families have been separated. Frightened children have been detained in airports without their parents. People seeking refuge have been turned away and sent back to the danger they just managed to flee. This is not how it should be in America,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Anything that pulls families apart and traumatizes kids has a huge impact on women and their children,” Sandberg added.

Trump’s order barred all refugees from entering the United States for 120 days and blocks the acceptance of Syrian refugees indefinitely. It also blocked citizens of Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, which are predominantly Muslim countries, from entering the United States for 90 days. The president has defended the ban, which he says is meant to help thwart terrorism. The seven countries were identified by the Obama administration as “countries of concern” because of their ties to terror, according to a statement from Trump’s administration.

But for tech workers and executives, especially those who are immigrants, banning refugees from entering the United States hit close to home.

Sandberg recounted the story of her great-great-grandmother, Channa Bassa, who fled Vilnius, Lithuania, to escape religious persecution.

“If Channa had not taken that difficult journey, I would not be here today – my family would almost certainly have perished in the concentration camps of World War II. Her courage – and the fact that this country welcomed her – created my family’s future,” she wrote.

Photo: Sheryl Sandberg in 2015. (Eric Risberg/AP)


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  • John Doeyoe

    Actually… polls showed majority of people support Trump on this. Only a few thousand unemployed liberals/Democrats/illegals that are protesting.

  • noop

    trump has defied everything which is moral and ethical. where is the justice for poors, innocents and weak?

    • john

      Guess you call killing two-hour shy full term babies moral and ethical or rioting in the streets, blocking highways, or Bill Clinton’s hooker line, that Hillary seems to think is fine.

  • phoenix86

    My bet is that the number of Facebook employees from the countries cited in the 90 day freeze are less than 1% of Facebooks total number of employees. What we’re seeing is typical liberal crap.

  • What are these people talking about.. All countries including US have very tight immigration policies for all people from many nations. No one talks about how many visas are actually rejected. For refugees, there is a lot of vetting – so Trump just put it in writing what is already practiced. This is totally baffling why no one rallied against other presidents who had similar orders in place. WTF is going on.. Is this like everyone trying to tell their sob story – just get on with it. Citizens from all countries are vetted by the US state dept and the local embassies thoroughly. This has always been the case since Sept 9/11. Many citizens are banned just because of their names.. Even these companies practice this type of discrimination – they just hide behind it with no real EEOE enforcement.. So please stop the BS and go do your work.. Everyone is just pissed that Hillary did not win..I voted for Hillary and I do not like Trump – just for the record..

  • robock

    Rule of Law vs sharia law. Not an effort to figure it out!

  • Billof Rights

    Another arrogant liberal tech executive trying to strut moral superiority rather than respecting the right to have a different opinion than hers. So over this double standard crap.