Will Elon Musk’s ties to Trump hurt Tesla?

Is Elon Musk’s cooperation with President Donald Trump hurting Tesla business?

At least one disappointed Tesla fan claimed to cancel his Model 3 reservation, posting his displeasure on social media. Others have taken to Twitter and Facebook to voice anger over Trump’s immigration ban, even as Musk solicited suggestions to fix it.

The Tesla CEO sits on two advisory boards for the Trump administration, providing a tech voice to committees on business and manufacturing.

The Tesla Motors Club chat board — usually a space for sharing tips and rumors and gushing about electric vehicles and all things Tesla — has roiled with politics.

A poster from Germany worries that Musk is being used by the president.

“I guess Elon still believes that he can be a voice of reason for Trump. But I don’t think that voice even reaches Trump’s ear. He doesn’t care about Elon’s opinion or suggestions. Elon is only a mascot for Trump now. By not speaking out against Trump loudly, Elon is not doing the right thing IMO,” the poster wrote. “Let’s hope I’m wrong and Elon is right!”

Other Tesla fans feel Musk’s attempts to sway Trump are a lost cause.

“I do not see how one can “deal constructively” with a man who is an inveterate liar and suffers from such pathological levels of narcissism that he is unable to accept simple facts when they contradict his belief that everything he does is “the best” or “the biggest” or “the most beautiful,” wrote a poster from San Mateo. “But kudos to Elon for trying.”

Some have just slipped into melancholy.

“Kinda heartbroken it has come to this as I have been an ardent supporter of Elon, Tesla, SpaceX, and their missions for many years,” wrote a poster from the Bay Area. “I cannot in good conscience support them as long as Elon continues down this path.”

Even Musk admitted the blowback was wearing on him.

Photo: Tesla CEO Elon Musk listens as Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with technology industry leaders at Trump Tower in New York, Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016. (Evan Vucci/AP)


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  • YeahRightPal

    “…a man who is an inveterate liar and suffers from such pathological levels of narcissism that he is unable to accept simple facts when they contradict his belief that everything he does is “the best” or “the biggest” or “the most beautiful…”

    But, you still bought a car from Musk right?

  • William Brooks

    The folks who are bashing Trump-Musk coalition are basically
    ignorant and do not know how to work
    with people with different opinions, conflicting attitudes etc. yet come out with fruitful results. First of all, election is over, it’s now time for work. So
    to respect democracy, we need to accept Trump as president and work to find out
    common areas of interest where Trump and anti-Trump camps could work together
    for the betterment of the country, and of course protest against Trump where you disagree with
    him. Musk is an entrepreneur, not a politician. He did not campaign for Trump to
    elect him, and pretty sure he will not campaign for Trump in future either. Trump knows, Musk does not politically support
    him, Musk knows he can’t accept Trump’s political & other ideologies. However,
    there is still a common area of interest where both Trump and Musk can work
    together and benefit America greatly. Trump wants manufacturing jobs in US and today
    Musk is the poster boy of US manufacturing. Thus if Trump-Musk coalition
    flourishes, US manufacturing will flourish benefiting Americans as well as
    Tesla investors. What if Trump asks Musk and helps him greatly to set a big
    factories in Texas, Michigan etc? Who
    will be benefited ultimately? Aren’t the American people? Trump-Musk coalition
    is a non-political coalition, it’s an economic coalition and extremely
    positive. Also note, the high-tech companies in silicon valley do not create
    any job for America’s suffering working class, it’ the manufacturing that
    creates such jobs. Elon Musk’s
    contribution in US is thus much much bigger than Mark Zuckerberg’s. Please support Trump-Musk economic coalition
    from all angles.

  • Joshua Cagle

    “Lets hope I’m wrong and Elon is right!” Yeah… I think that one is self explanatory.

    People are not thinking objectively, they’re thinking emotionally.

  • Better appease Trump, and make him gradually realize that there is more money to be made with green technology and cars… than play hardball.