Google employees walk out in anti-Trump protest over Muslim-countries ban

Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Google CEO Sundar Pichai took to a podium Jan. 30 to speak in support of company employees who staged a walkout in protest against President Donald Trump’s executive order closing the country to citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

Hundreds of Googlers packed the courtyard at the tech titan’s Mountain View headquarters, where Brin and Pichai spoke to the crowd and offered their backing, according to media reports.

“We spent two hours this morning talking about all of this,” Pichai told the crowd, according to tech website TechCrunch. “There’s a lot of work which remains to be done. I think it’s important we stay the course and achieve an outcome. I think to do that we all need to learn to reach out and communicate to people from across the country.”

Google employees took to Twitter in large numbers.

“Never been more proud of where I work,” tweeted Bri Connelly, a Bay Area associate product manager. “There are at least 187 Googler families affected by the Muslim Ban. Today we stand with them.”

Several in attendance in Mountain View photographed the sign-waving hordes and tweeted tongue-in-cheek observations about the crowd size.

“More Googlers here than people at the Trump inauguration,” tweeted Google software engineer Rogelio Gudino.

Added his fellow software engineer Mike West a few minutes later on Twitter, “#GooglersUnite rally is still growing. I think we’re up to about 1.5 million Googlers in the crowd!”

Of course, Twitter being public, the “googlersunite” hashtag caught the attention of critics. “If you did a Google search you’d learn that it’s not actually a #MuslimBan,” a Twitter user identifying as Rich LeMond tweeted at Googlers uniting.

And a Twitter user identifying as Sarah Cooper offered what may be an accurate prediction: “Trump supporters now googling ‘how to boycott google.'”

Trump on Jan. 27 issued an executive order banning for 90 days the entry to the U.S. of people from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia.

The Googlers’ walkout action was worldwide, occurring at eight offices, according to tech website The Verge.

Google has fought back vigorously against the executive order, with Pichai condemning it in a memo to workers, as the firm launched a $4 million “crisis fund.”

Brin took part in a protest Jan. 28 at San Francisco International Airport against the executive order, which also shuts U.S. borders to refugees for four months.


Photo: Sundar Pichai, then Google senior vice president in charge of Android and Chrome, talks about Google Play at Dogpatch Studios in San Francisco in 2013.  (Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group)


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  • Martha

    I do not understand politics of trump. How he is going to lead US citizens. Google employees raising their voice for good cause.

  • Richard Landerman

    Okay….so you object to President Trump, not the company you work for, so to protest you do absolutely nothing to inconvenience President Trump, you do something to inconvenience the company you work for?