Elon Musk is collecting immigration-ban amendments to take to Trump

Elon Musk, who last week said that the reaction to his ties to Donald Trump is “getting him down,” is wading further into the fray.

With no shortage of feedback on Twitter over the weekend about the president’s executive order banning refugees and certain immigrants from entering the United States temporarily, Musk on Sunday tweeted that he is seeking more.

Musk, who’s originally from South Africa and is a clean-energy hero to many, said before the presidential election that he didn’t think Trump was right for the job. But now he has the president’s ear as part of a business advisory team, and as part of a manufacturing jobs initiative.

That isn’t sitting well with critics of Trump and his administration. When Musk tweeted support for longtime Exxon executive Rex Tillerson, Trump’s choice for secretary of state, he got an earful.

He will probably continue to hear it. And he really had no choice but to comment on the immigration brouhaha as Silicon Valley executives and companies weighed in with their words or their wallets.

Sunday, Musk got into a discussion on Twitter after he sent out the solicitation for feedback about Trump’s executive order.

Reaction included the following: “The EO is immoral, illegal & dangerous. So why consult random strangers, bots & Russian trolls? Why not just immigration lawyers?” tweeted Sarah Szalavitz, founder of social design firm 7Robot

All the back-and-forth led Musk to concede that “yes, the order is still bad, but it is always important to read the source material.”


Photo: Elon Musk in 2013. (Nhat V. Meyer/Mercury News)


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  • pilgrim

    cut his funding.

  • Viking.

    Open borders and large immigrant muslim populations are a recipe for crime and terror.

  • Johnny V

    Hello Musk, it’s only a temporary ban. Nothing to be political. But of course better execution is needed going forward. Prevention is better than cure. No one knows where the next attacker would originate from. The president deserves cooperation here. And the news media must learn to report “as is”.

  • charlie K

    “Elon Musk is collecting immigration-ban amendments to take to Trump”
    Boycott this libtard’s cars!

  • YeahRightPal

    Please, Mr. Huckster, please try to shuck-and-jive President Trump. Please!

    The sooner he exposes you and your pie-in-the-sky BS the sooner it all comes crashing down.

  • dcwc16

    Musk has obtained untold billions in Government subsidies to develop his ideas and to date I cannot think of one that has made a difference in American lives. If I were him I would shut up before someone swats him like a fly, say President Trump.