On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s on the Tuesday menu.

EU proposes new rules that could limit web tracking for ads because users of Gmail, Facebook and other services would have to give their consent to the use of cookies. (WSJ, Reuters)

Robert Scoble says Apple is working on VR glasses with Zeiss, and the blogosphere is going crazy. (Scoble’s Facebook post)

Twitter is being sued by families of Americans killed in ISIS attacks in Belgium and France. They say the company has failed to keep terrorists off its platform. (Business Insider)

More Twitter account suspension news: A user who shared screenshots of the anti-Semitic tweets she received was temporarily suspended. (CNN)

Alphabet is selling the Skybox Imaging satellite business it bought for $500 million less than three years ago. (Bloomberg)

Some tech companies are trying affirmative action as their diversity efforts aren’t quite panning out. Of course, that has its issues. (Bloomberg) Also, Facebook’s diversity efforts are being hindered by its final hiring process, at least in engineering. (Bloomberg)

Fitbit buys European smartwatch startup Vector. (TechCrunch) $FIT down almost 5 percent.

S.F.-based grocery-delivery startup Instacart is cutting pay again in at least four cities. (Recode)

Brexit, what’s that? Snapchat to establish its international headquarters in London. (Reuters)

Italy looking at nearly $300 million Google proposal to settle back-taxes dispute. (Reuters)

IBM had a record-breaking year for patents in 2016, topping the list of patents awarded for the 24th year in a row. Google and Intel were also in the top 10. (Bloomberg)


Photo illustration: A proposed rule in Europe could limit advertiser tracking and could affect tech companies such as Google and Facebook. (AP)


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