President Obama, this job opening has your name written all over it

Talk about a sweet career transition: from President of the United States to President of Spotify’s Playlists.

Spotify, the 8-year-old music-streaming service based in Sweden, is looking for a sort of POTUS of pop charts. And it has put up a presumably tongue-in-cheek  job posting on its website, targeted squarely at the music-loving outgoing leader of the free world.

Which makes sense, because Obama, after all, has curated his own playlists on Spotify for the past two years. And he’s good at it: The listening world responded enthusiastically, pushing his song list to the top of the charts. (Think the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations,” U Got the Look by Prince and Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin.)

Obama has also shown an interest in working for the Swedish streamers, reportedly joking to someone at a party last week about his post-POTUS plans and saying “I’m still waiting for my job at Spotify.” On Monday, Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek tweeted the job opening at the president:

So what exactly does the position entail?

Simple, says Spotify: “You will be overseeing our music curation and playlists team, across offices around the world.”


It’s not clear whether Obama will go for the gig. But if he did get it, he’d be running a growing team of engineers and other music-loving geeks working in over 60 countries for a company that, in the job ad, calls itself “full of hope, and always open to change.”

(Get it? “Change,” as in “Vote for Change,” one of the prez’s  campaign mottos.)

The job’s requirements are fairly straightforward, laid out under the “What you’ll do” section:

  • Provide world-class leadership to our playlist editors and supporting staff.
  • Identify and substantiate new playlist ideas, e.g. from a playlist for shooting hoops with your friends, to the perfect warm up playlist for addressing the nation about health care legislation that bears your name.
  • Analyze data and performance of playlists in a clear and transparent manner using all available intelligence. Attend daily briefings.
  • Celebrate our diversity of playlists, from Viva Latino (3.4 million followers) to Rap Caviar (5.3 million followers).

And Obama certainly seems to have a leg up on other interested candidates for the job. Here are some of the necessary qualifications to be President of Playlists:

“Have at least eight years experience running a highly-regarded nation.” (Check)

“Be familiar with the Spotify platform, with experience in programming playlists at a federal level.  Anything from an eclectic summer playlist, to a celebratory, ‘I just found my birth certificate’ playlist.” (Check and check)

The position also demands that the employee have “good relationships with a wide range of artists and musicians. “Ever had Kendrick Lamar play at your birthday bash? We’d love to hear about it!”

And the President of Playlists must be able to “speak passionately about playlists at press events” and be someone “with good team spirit, excellent work ethic, a friendly and warm attitude, and a Nobel Peace Prize.”

So what are you waiting for, Mr. President? Click on the “Apply Now” button at the bottom of the ad and maybe, with the help of music, you can make the world an even better place than you did when you won that fancy-pants peace prize.

Finally, if the President of Playlists seems like too much work at this stage in your career, Spotify is also looking for “Agile Coaches,” “Apps & Visualization Designers,” “Royalty Calculation Analysts,” “Machine Learning Engineers,”  and a bunch of other cool-sounding positions.



Photo: President Obama in 2013. (Matt York/AP)


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