Lyft riders have spoken: They love SP2, San Pedro Square Market Bar

When you get in a Lyft, where do you go?

If you’re heading out for food or drinks, chances are you’re going to SP2 or San Pedro Square Market Bar in San Jose.

Those destinations are two of the Silicon Valley winners of this year’s “Lyftie Awards” — the annual awards ride-hailing startup Lyft doles out to the app’s most requested destinations. Lyft announced the winners Wednesday morning in 24 metro areas, including Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

David Kunst, Lyft’s market manager for Northern California, said the Lyfties are a way for the company to show the economic impact its service has on a region.

“I think highlighting local businesses that actually really benefited from having Lyft as a transportation provider is a way to localize it and make it a little more precise,” he said.

As Lyft battles ongoing controversy over how its ride-hailing service should be regulated, how its drivers are classified and how it can protect the safety of its passengers, the company has made an effort to prove that it’s helping the markets where it operates — not just causing trouble.

“Having more transportation options available to you gets people out of the house more in general,” Kunst said. “Whether or not people would have driven or taken public transportation in the past, there’s no way for anybody to know that. But expanding options will always increase the size of the pie.”

Lyft completed 3.1 times as many rides in Silicon Valley this year compared to 2015, according to the company.

Of course, businesses who “win” a Lyftie don’t actually get anything — except a sense of pride and free publicity on Lyft’s website.

In San Francisco, Tacolicious was the most-visited restaurant this year, and Southern Pacific Brewing was the most-visited bar. The Fort Mason Center was the most popular event space.

Lyft completed three times as many rides in the city this year compared to last year, according to the company.

Lyft says that by making transportation more accessible, the ride-hailing company has created $113 million in new spending in San Francisco. According to a recent company report, 57 percent of riders surveyed said they spend more at local businesses since signing up for Lyft, and 74 percent go out more or stay out longer because of Lyft.

Photo: A Lyft driver and passenger chat during a trip. (Courtesy of Lyft) 


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