Apple iPads used as plates at pricey Michelin-starred San Francisco restaurant Quince

At Quince, San Francisco’s highly regarded and Michelin triple-starred restaurant, $220 buys you a stunning fixed-price supper including caviar, cold-water lobster, venison and “A Dog in Search of Gold.”

The latter dish, crispy white truffle croquettes, is served on an iPad. On the screen, apparently, is video of a dog hunting truffles in a forest.

“And hidden among the flora were tasty bite-sized truffle-infused edibles,” wrote one reviewer, identified as “Paul L.” from Irvine, on Yelp. “As you watch the dog wandering around the mossy terrain, you, the diner, accompany the dog and hunt for truffles yourself.

“Next to the tablet was a round bowl with miniature skewers holding truffle-infused marshmallows over smoky truffle croquets — a veritable truffle campfire with marshmallows.”

A Quince staffer confirmed the dish is served on an iPad, but SiliconBeat is awaiting further details from the restaurant, which will be added if they’re received.

Of course, San Francisco’s world-renowned restaurant scene is closely scrutinized, and not everybody was as happy as Paul L. about the tech twist to a truffle dish.

“In a sign that even the most prestigious restaurants are struggling to maintain their cutting edge we learn today that (Quince’s) chefs have cooked up a bold new plan to grab the Instagram-ready eyes of customers: Dishes served on iPads,” wrote Jack Morse on the website SFist. “And to make matters even lamer, they didn’t even come up with the idea themselves.”

That allegation of copycat-ism derives from a report Morse linked to in the Daily Mail. The U.K. paper, in a feature on a reported trend of food being served on unusual surfaces such as shovels, presented a photo of a dessert plated on a tablet. Details about where the dish was served were lacking.

As Quince’s culinary star has risen, so have its prices. San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer noted in 2015 that the restaurant charged $85 for a five-course tasting menu when it opened in 2003. By the time of Bauer’s article in March 2015, the restaurant’s prix fixe dinner price had risen to $195.

For 2017’s Michelin guide, Quince received another bump up, bringing its star count to three from two. That puts it in the company of triple-starred San Francisco establishments Benu and Saison, Manresa in Los Gatos and The French Laundry and The Restaurant at Meadowood in wine country.

Quince will no doubt continue to push culinary boundaries: perhaps coming next is a lovely sweetbreads flambé on a Galaxy S7.


Photo: The “A Dog in Search of Gold” dish of truffle croquettes served on an iPad at Michelin-starred Quince in San Francisco (Richie Nakano)


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