Amazon’s last Christmas delivery: A heated mattress pad at 11:59 p.m. on Christmas Eve

Amazon played Super Santa, one with an extra boost of stamina, in the weeks and hours leading up to Christmas.

The internet retail giant shipped more than 1 billion items with Prime, its $99-per-year, two-day delivery service, the company said Tuesday. That’s five times its sales from last year, CNET pointed out.

The company shared some fun facts about its delivery prowess.

The most eye-popping: 13 minutes.

That was the fastest Prime delivery, which happened in Southern California on Christmas Eve at 9:05 p.m. The order included a Tile Slim Item Finder and a Tile Mate Key Finder.

The last Christmas order by Prime Now – Amazon’s two hour free delivery – was delivered at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 24 in Irvine, Calif. The order included a Heated Mattress Pad, NyQuil and Afrin Nasal Spray.

It was also the biggest shopping season yet for Alexa, Amazon’s digital personal assistant that operates Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot, its smart, wireless speakers.

The company sold nine times more of the voice-controlled Echo devices this holiday season than it did in 2015.

In fact, when it came to the Echo devices, Amazon, despite appearing all-powerful and all-knowing, stumbled. Its Echo and Echo Dot were sold out for days leading up to the holiday season, CNET reported.  The Echo is out of stock until Jan. 26 and the Echo Dot was back in stock Tuesday.

Through customers’ use of Alexa, Amazon offered a snapshot of what people searched for over the holiday season (Alexa is always listening, gathering information about how users are using it):

  • Favorite recipe: Chocolate chip and sugar cookies.
  • Most requested movies: Home Alone and Elf.
  • Top requested songs: Jingle Bells (1999 – Remaster) by Frank Sinatra, All I Want for Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey and Feliz Navidad by José Feliciano.
  • Which city played the most music with Alexa? Customers in Seattle, New York and Chicago
  • Who turned on the lights the most using Alexa? Seattle, San Diego and New York.
  • Which games were most requested? Jeopardy!, Twenty Questions and The Magic Door.

Above: Amazon boxes ready to be delivered. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)


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