Tesla Autopilot upgraded for the new year

It’s been a rough year for Tesla’s Autopilot.

The driver-assist package for the Model S and Model X electric vehicles has been associated with two fatal crashes. Tesla’s partnership with Mobileye, a leading supplier of camera sensors and software that powered the semi-autonomous feature, collapsed in July. Tesla started a system overhaul.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said this week the Autopilot re-boot should be mostly finished and sent to drivers over the-air before the new year. Engineers are making the semi-autonomous system rely more on radar and software enhancements.

A Tesla driver died in a Florida crash in May. Both the driver and Autopilot failed to brake when a tractor-trailer made a left hand turn in front of the Tesla.

Musk announced a revamped Autopilot in September, with some functions coming off-line for drivers while the updates were being completed.

Musk also touted this week Tesla’s spot as the top automaker for customer satisfaction in a survey by Consumer Reports. Other driver favorites include Porsche, Audi, Subaru and Toyota.

Musk didn’t note the magazine’s review of the Model X SUV, which panned the luxury crossover’s performance and the brand’s weak reliability history.

File Photo: Tesla Model S in the showroom. (Patrick Tehan/BANG)


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  • CarlK

    I can’t believe blog of the major Silicon Valley newspaper could write an article with so many misinformation. There is no way Tesla could develop an entirely new system and to implement it in every car in a few mouths. It must have been working on it for years already. It is in no way consequence of the fatal accident or the breakup with Mobileye which likely only because Tesla already got its own system.

  • Steve H

    could you be anymore obvious in trying to put a negative spin on everything in this article? the Cult of TeslaSmearing lives on I guess.

  • Chris Chamberlain

    Typical Tesla basher…….Low information with several incorrect premises. In no way was either of the fatalities mentioned in this so-called “article” the fault of the autopilot system! BOTH were driver error…..PERIOD! This douche of an author should try quoting the facts next time…….

  • Dianne

    Why do you need a DRIVER for “AUTO the PILOT”? DRIVER ERROR? Sounds like this “illusion of “auto the pilot” isn’t quite ready if a driver is required. When does “Auto the Pilot” actually take over? Is “Auto” just riding along until driver needs help? Nonsensical and makes reference that the car knows better than the driver. May be true in some cases, huh?