Move over, flying cars — Elon Musk wants to fight traffic with the Boring Co.

When Elon Musk gets stuck in traffic, he doesn’t just whine about it.

He tweets that he’s going to do something about it, of course.

And because the serial entrepreneur is who he is, he didn’t stop there.

And about three hours after his first tweet, he tweeted again that “I am actually going to do this.”

Is he actually going to do this? He also updated his Twitter bio, which now reads: “Tesla, SpaceX, Tunnels (yes, tunnels) & OpenAI.”

The Boring Co. would certainly be in line with Musk’s obsession with transportation, whether it’s by land (Tesla) or air (SpaceX) or even sea. That’s right, in case you forgot, Musk owns James Bond’s Lotus submarine.

There’s also the Hyperloop, an idea Musk put to paper in 2013 that has inspired a few companies and other dreamers and doers to try to build a high-speed, tube-based levitating transport system. While Musk has decided he isn’t going to bring the idea to life himself, he has sponsored a competition for Hyperloop ideas. There’s another competition coming up at the end of January, according to SpaceX’s website.

Naturally, the Twittersphere is having a field day with all this.

And it wasn’t just the jokesters — among the many responses to Musk’s tweets were pitches for and links to similar ideas. Get ready for a whole lot of boring.


Photo: Elon Musk in 2013. Musk, who has started an electric-car company and a space-exploration company, said over the weekend that he wants to tackle traffic by going underground and building tunnels. (Nhat V. Meyer/Mercury News)


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  • The answer lies right in front of you, Mr. Musk. No need to start boring. Use your imagination instead.

  • Frank N

    We’ve been building tunnels for a very long time. It’s how NYC and other major cities have phenomenal public transportation. It’s how railroads cross mountains. Musk has the advantage that he can build things without making them bureaucratic boondoggles. That’s one reason Hyperloop could provide transportation at far lower cost than the current California high speed rail proposal.

    City streets are inefficient because we build them in two dimensions. They are bogged down by traffic lights and stop signs. Vertical separation solves that. But overpasses/underpasses are expensive when built after-the-fact in developed areas. Tunnels can help solve that, especially where they can penetrate dense urban areas without conflicting with existing utility and transportation infrastructure.

  • John O’Grady

    Do it in San Francisco first.

    Start with Geary, Market, Van Ness and possibly Third Street.

    Each ‘line’ would have six stops, stopping at major junction points.. Have one more line that intersects with all of the other lines.

    Each stop would be a combination of commercial mini-mall and enough residential to support the businesses at each station.

    We could solve two looming problems (the transit mess and the growing population) with one big solution.

    Cost a fortune? Absolutely! But we have nowhere else to go but down, and if this global warming thing goes really bad the underground might turn out to be the city of the future.