Tiny AirPod will cost a bundle to replace

If you lose an AirPod, you’ll have to pay Apple a pretty penny to replace it.

Apple’s charging $69 replacement fee for each one of its wireless headphones, the company disclosed recently on a customer support web page. That’s about 43 percent of the total cost of the $159 gadgets. And if you lose your charging case, you’ll have to pay the same amount.

The iPhone maker announced earlier this week that it’s begun taking AirPod orders. It plans to have the new headphones in stores next week.

The new gadgets come with a one-year limited warranty that only covers defects, not wear-and-tear from regular use. If you’re having battery problems after the warranty expires, Apple will charge $49 to replace the ones in the AirPods themselves and another $49 to replace the one in their charging case.

If you damage the AirPods or the case — a situation that’s likely not covered by the warranty — you’ll have to pay $69 to replace the case and the same amount for each headphone.

Apple unveiled the AirPods in September when it rolled out the iPhone 7, the first of the company’s smartphones to lack a headphone jack. The company is pushing wireless headphones as a replacement for wired ones that relied on that jack.

This reporter tested the AirPods and gave them a mixed review.

Photo: Apple’s new wireless AirPod headphones. (Photo by Gary Reyes/Bay Area News Group)


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  • peto1

    Is this a joke? If I lost my hat would the haberdashery I bought it from replace it for free? Would Rolex replace the watch you lost? What about your car? Anything?

  • Jeff Safire

    Ditto what peto1 said. I don’t know where Troy is coming from. If Apple made the replacement cost reasonable, everyone would just keep buying replacements and giving/selling them to friends. And is there ANY product you are aware of that covers “normal wear and tear?”