Tesla taunted — again — by GM over new Bolt electric car

General Motors just couldn’t pass up a chance to poke Tesla in the eye, again.

GM made the first three deliveries of its new Chevrolet Bolt electric car on Tuesday — in Fremont, just a few miles from competitor Tesla’s electric-car factory.

And this isn’t the first time GM has had fun at Tesla’s expense over the Bolt. Early this year, GM released a photo of two Bolts on the road, in front of Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto.

In April, a GM executive hyping the upcoming Bolt took a shot at the reservation and deposit system for Tesla’s Model 3, and at Tesla’s finances. The Bolt, said Dan Nicholson, vice president of global propulsion systems, “will have more than 200 miles of range and it will be in production by the end of 2016, so it’s not necessary to put down $1,000 and wait until 2018 or sometime after that.

“GM’s balance sheet is in pretty strong shape, so we don’t need to take $1,000 of your money just to hold a spot.”

Tesla has taken 373,000 pre-orders for the $35,000 Model 3, and plans to start shipping them to buyers next year, according to CNN.

The Bolt costs $37,495. The Model 3 has a 215-mile range, while the Bolt’s is 238.

GM plans to deliver hundreds of Bolts to dealerships in California and Oregon before the end of this year, CNN reported.  “Its national rollout will begin in 2017, with deliveries in New York, Massachusetts and Virginia,” according to CNN. “Dealerships in major markets will receive Bolts in the first half of the year.”

Would-be Tesla buyers who reserve a Model 3 now won’t receive their cars until mid-2018, CNN reported.


Photo: GM’s 2017 Chevrolet Bolt. (Courtesy of GM)


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  • Capt601

    3 cars via a dealer. Really shows how low GM and other automakers have fallen.

    • Stephen

      Your comment makes no sense … perhaps this is it’s intent? Why knock GM for delivering on it’s promises, and being proud of it?

      • Capt601

        Uhmm, guess you don’t understand dealers and how they have forced themselves on consumers and the manufacturers with 100 year old laws. And guess you failed to see the bolt is a compliance car.
        Dealers make 68% of their profit from the service center alone. Evs would destroy that business model. Hard to scam over consumers if the car isn’t in the shop. Dealers will never push an ev sale over a gas guzzler that will keep their service center full, busy, and highly profitable.

        • AcuraT

          You have obviously not been to a Subaru, Toyota, or Honda dealership as of late. They all fit that model – I work on my cars myself now as I have given up with the “over servicing” and “over charging” of the dealers. Or, I use my friend and his independent shop. My almost 11 year old Saab 9-3 thanks me for it (and now just about 150,000 or trouble free mileage). My relatively new 2013 Subaru Legacy also thanks me for it.

          GM dealers will be selling the Bolt nationally. We cannot get the Volts in CT right now as the dealer has sold out in our town – he sold all 7 that he got this past month. They are very popular around here because the Leaf in the winter can only go about 50 miles, which is not enough for anything. Teslas do better but they are breaking down the in cold and have to be towed home to be fixed when Tesla can get someone out to the person’s home to fix it. Not frequently, but it does happen.

          • Capt601

            Lol. Dealerships rely on the service center. You can’t change 68% of their profit unless you dismantle their entire business model. They are still built as the profit center.
            And Tesla’s breaking down? Hmmm. Strange how it outsells sit cars in Norway and any other cold countries. Suggest you use factual info rather than dealer provided lies. Really sad what people actually relive about tesla and the lies they spread to force their 100 year old business model on consumers.

          • AcuraT

            Not dealer supplied lies – my neighbor two doors down who owns a Tesla Model S told me this story. He still likes the car but it does strand him from time to time in the cold. I wish I was making this up. He told me the “Tesla club” he belongs to in CT there are a number of reports when the temperature goes below freezing if the car is left outside for extended periods of time – the pop-out door handles get stuck, disabling the car and you cannot get in. This is not made up, this is fact. You should stop accusing others that don’t agree with your made up stories when this is based on a real owner of the car.

          • Capt601

            Lol. I’m embarrassed for the dealers spewing these lies. and your supposed neighbor despite thousands of others proving “them” wrong.

          • AcuraT

            No, even publications are reporting on it. You can turn a blind eye but I just go with facts – you like fiction. Here is a news story talking about what I wrote. Please tell me the media is biased as well against Tesla:


  • Dzilla66

    With a few exceptions (specifically the Corvette), GM basically produces crap cars that fall apart, need constant repairs, and is lucky to still be in business thanks to their massive bailout. They’re the last people who should be throwing stones from their poorly built glass house…

    • shade_tree

      While I am certainly far from a GM fan, the Volt has been an excellent car and the Bolt is a simpler version of that.

    • Stephen

      Even Consumer Reports disagrees with you, Dzilla. I assume you sell Toyota’s or Kia’s.

      • HN

        Stephen, Consumer Reports agrees with you ? 2017 Chevy Volt reliability: “First-year reliability of the redesign has been well-below average.”
        Source: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/chevrolet-volt.htm

        • phdchef

          Still more reliable than Model X lol. Plus, many cars experience subpar reliability after a new redesign and rapidly improve thereafter.

        • AcuraT

          Right, that is true. The previous generation had been fully reliable out of the box. They are still hit and miss on some technologies and models. The launch of the new Impala a couple of years ago was troublefree. The launch of the new Buick Envision has been problem free. Consumer Reports has said for the last few years their quality has been improving. So much so that in the latest survey Buick as a brand was #3 only to Toyota and Lexus. Yes, all the other Japanese brands were below Buick and Acura fell to below average overall because the transmissions are a disaster zone yet again.

      • Dzilla66

        Your assumption is incorrect. And the Bolt is still boring, ugly, and more uninspired garbage from GM who chooses to phone it in with their attempt at a full EV. *yawn*

    • AcuraT

      You are from the planet of disinformation and sowing FUD – Fear Uncertainty Doubt.

      Did you know that in Consumer Reports survey this past year Buick is number 3 in reliability only being beat by Toyota and Lexus? Did you know JD Power says the same thing? Would you believe that GM went though lean six sigma training just before the time of their bankruptcy and have been toiling for years using it to improve the quality of their cars.

      First I owned a reliable 1999 Toyota Camry that lasted two years or 55,000 miles when engine sludge killed it. Bad engine ventilation destroyed that engine, something Consumer Reports was reporting on in 2001. Suffice to say I did not go back to Toyota despite their reputation – they make mistakes as well.

      I then owned a 2001 Acura TL which lost its transmission at 60,000 and again at 119,000. I had to wait for a month the first time for a replacement so many cars needed transmissions. I also owned a 2003 V6 Honda Accord which also needed a transmission at 31,000 miles and another at 135,000 miles. Both cars from a “reliable’ manufacturer had chronic tranmission issues. The newest V6 Hondas that came out last year (TLX) are having chronic transmission failures as well

      I still own a 2006 Saab 9-3 built by GM after the lean six sigma team redesigned the parts. It now has 150,000 and I have not lost the engine or the transmission. I have taken care of this car like the Toyotas and Hondas before it. I have had two small repairs costing about $300 each. That is it.

      So much for GM “produces crap cars that fall apart, need constant repairs…” My brother own a GMC Arcadia with over 180,000 on it and still going strong. I convinced him to give up his unreliable Nissan and go with GM. He had the same attitude you do. He has given it up because he learned that yes, GM can build good cars – they just had to invest in it – and they are now. Not every car they build is that way, but a larger share than ever before are.

      • Dzilla66

        1. Who brags about 3rd place?!? 2. Who the hell wants to buy a fugly Buick anyway? They’ll be the next brand to disappear like Pontiac and Oldsmobile. So you owned a couple imports that had issues, and a Saab that didn’t… I’ve owned two GM’s that were plagued with issues, meanwhile a Honda Accord that accumulated over 170,000 miles before I sold it, and several other imports (Scion TC, Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T and 3000GT) that were flawless with standard maintenance and oil changes. I don’t plan on gambling my next automotive purchase with a car company that needed a massive government bailout to survive because of piss poor management and mediocre (at best) products but thanks for sharing your little story.

  • Bill Wells

    I have a great idea,lets build cars that shut off while driving, turn off all the electronics,shut down the power brakes, lock up the steering wheel and shut off the airbags. Then we’ll file bankruptcy and screw over all our victims and suppliers. This is a bullshit company that only a moron would buy products from. Poor/cheap products and subprime lending yeah great business model. hopefully they wont be around too much longer. There are too many companies already making good reliable products.

    • Al_Loo_Minium

      Whoa, did the seagull of misery crap on your cheerios this morning? It would be nice if you mention which car you are complaining about! Excellent rant though.

  • Todd Burch

    “The Model 3 has a 215 mile range”…

    That is incorrect.

    The base trim range has not been announced–only that it will have *at least* 215 miles. I am certain Tesla will not let GM one-up them on range. GM is setting themselves up for embarassment. They’re poking fun at the fact that they don’t have 100s of thousands of paid preorders? Do they think their car will be better looking and cooler than a Model 3?

    • Ron I.

      Is that not like saying my girlfriend is better looking than yours?

      • Todd Burch

        Cooler meaning neater features. (Autonomous hardware, HUD, all glass roof, etc.)

        And then there’s high speed charging infrastructure and more that’s lacking on the practical end.

        But based on the circumstances it’s more like a guy (GM) taunting his friend because he doesn’t have a girlfriend, then 6 months later that friend shows up with a much cooler, hotter girlfriend who happens to also be a brain surgeon.

        • AcuraT

          I think the key point is the fact that Tesla has never delivered a car on time – never. Also that this car is starting to become available now and the Tesla will not start being available until another year and a half has passed.

          The high speed charging infrastructure GM lacks – but did you know that as of the end of 2016, Tesla is no longer offering that for free? No? It will cost money – monthly charges after the first 1000 miles they are used. In addition, because the other manufacturers are not building these networks, the Obama administration is. They will be free. So the pay for use Tesla network will be competing with the smaller but free Obama network.

          Technology changes – Tesla will need to change or it will lose the advantages it has. You can count on it.

  • phdchef

    Different buyers. Model 3 will be closer to a performance coupe than a utility hatch. With that said, Bolt will be far more practical. If Model 3 is anything like Model X in terms of reliability, Tesla will curl up and die.

    • Rob McNearny

      Maybe they make it like the Model S, which no one complains about. Until then I will wait for a decent looking vehicle, that is a little bit cheaper, and that gets I little better mileage per charge, instead of that horrific thing that GM just put out.

    • Capt601

      Strange how the bolt is just another city ev car. Can’t take it on trips due to no high speed charger network outside of Tesla’s superchargers.at least this keeps the dealers happy with selling more gas guzzlers.

      • AcuraT

        Watch the video on Road/Track where they drive Route 1 down the coast of California to get to the LA airport. The car went over the range the EPA indicated and still had 17 miles left in range when it got there. Yes, there is no high speed charging network – but unless you get a top of the line S model from Tesla you will need to recharge your car sooner than this Bolt will need it.

  • arbeeex

    GM would probably not be making the Bolt (or Volt either) had not Tesla started the ball rolling. Time will tell if GM is successful or lays an egg.

  • Rich Partain

    Really don’t care who introduces economical and practical all EVs first. The more true EVs hitting the road the better. Even the new, lesser value and styled EVs offered by the other manufacturers are a better choice than most of the low to middle end ICE, bubble-like puddle jumpers. Every industry has its share of dumpy, ill-designed and crapy products. Hybrids are temporarily a good option for longer distance needs. But what’s more important is rapid development and proliferation of a mass produced EV that meets most of the transportation needs of the average owner. And also as important, an emerging, mature and universal compatible supercharging network. Model Ts and As would have failed if gas stations hadn’t popped up all over the nation. All auto manufacturers should be held accountable to meeting the sustainable transportation needs of a 21st century.

  • David

    Got to give GM credit. All reviews indicate that it is a good product and it has come out at least 18 months ahead of Tesla. That assumes that Tesla does, in fact, make its mid 2018 date (and doesn’t go belly up before than).