Tweets from Aleppo: War plays out on social media

“I hope we can speak to Periscope again,” says a man wearing a yellow and black Adidas sweatshirt as he hunkered down, streamed video and said Syrian President Assad’s militia was “maybe 300 meters away.”

Periscope and parent company Twitter are now among the few sources of information about a yearslong civil war that not many independent journalists can cover, and the social networks are where some people who fear they’re about to die are pleading for help.

They include a child with a verified account who has basically been tweeting a war and has amassed a following of a couple of hundred thousand people on Twitter. She seemed to be losing hope.

The United Nations said Tuesday that pro-government forces have killed at least 82 civilians “on the spot” and closed in on the last rebel enclave in Aleppo. The Syrian military is denying the civilian killings.

Also sending out haunting pleas are activists. This woman’s Twitter profile reads: “To the great Syrian Revolution I belong. my life is for it, my voice & my death.”

There were also these tweets from a man whose Twitter profile says he’s a teacher, activist and reporter.

As #Aleppo continues to top the trending topics on Twitter,  there are new reports that the rebels have reached a ceasefire deal with Russia, and that civilians — including possibly a hundred trapped children in a building that’s been under siege — will be evacuated later today. The Syrian and Russian government have not commented.

Photo: A member of the Syrian pro-government forces stands next to a tank in the old city of Aleppo on Dec. 13, 2016, after they recaptured the area. After weeks of heavy fighting, regime forces were poised to take full control of Aleppo, dealing the biggest blow to Syria’s rebellion in more than five years of civil war. (GEORGE OURFALIAN/AFP/Getty Images)


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  • MzUnGu

    I like how everyone fighting there at Aleppo are all such gentlemens, they respecting other people’s basic human rights to the internet, by not bombing the cell towers. 😛 Mid East is indeed that Cradle of Human Civilization like they claimed. LOL

    News gathering inside the Internet with ZERO verification…. U do sound like Fake News to me.