On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s on the Wednesday menu.

The Senate passed a bill on Tuesday that would bar companies from fining or suing┬áconsumers who post negative reviews of them on websites such as Yelp. Bill heads to President Obama’s desk. (Hill)

Britain’s “snooper’s charter,” which expands government surveillance powers, becomes law. (Guardian)

Meanwhile, in the U.S., spying agencies are poised to gain new powers under Donald Trump, as indicated by his picks for heads of law enforcement and surveillance agencies. (Bloomberg) Also, FBI is set to gain expanded hacking power because of a rule change that takes effect Thursday. (Fortune)

Google Pixel activations trounced Apple iPhone over the holiday weekend, according to an app analytics firm. (Fortune)

International group that includes Facebook, Google, Microsoft, academics and others says government pressure to censor hate speech raises “serious human rights risks.” (Reuters; group’s report)

Apple expands partnership with RED, the Bono-founded organization fighting against AIDS. (USA Today)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s posts addressing fake news briefly disappeared from the social network Tuesday. (CNN)


Photo: Outside Yelp headquarters in San Francisco. (Bay Area News Group)


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