Google must ‘wrestle’ with Mountain View officials over proposed 330-home apartment project

Google is going to have to “wrestle” with city officials in Mountain View as it seeks approval to build hundreds of apartments and more than 200,000 square feet of office space, a new report said.

At issue for the proposed 330 apartments is how many would house Googlers and how many would go to the general public.

“We’re going to have to wrestle with the question,” Mountain View Mayor Pat Showalter told the Mountain View Voice. “Google might want to get some percentage of the housing, but I’m not interested in all of it being workforce housing.”

The Mountain View firm has pledged to make 15 percent of the homes available as affordable housing, the online news site reported.

The proposed 3.9-acre development at the end of Logue Avenue would include shops and restaurants.

Google is also asking for permission to build more than 203,000 square feet of office space. In earlier wrangling over the company’s proposed housing and office space at its “Googleplex” North Bayshore headquarters complex, the firm asked for a square foot of office space for every square foot of housing, but that proposal “drew sharp disapproval” from the city’s environmental planning commissioners, according to the Mountain View Voice. For the Logue Avenue project, Google is proposing one square foot of office space for every three square feet of housing, the Voice reported.

Mountain View’s community development director Randy Tsuda suggested to the Voice that if city officials approved the Logue Avenue project’s one-to-three housing-to-office-space ratio, it would likely seek the same ratio for the North Bayshore development.


Photo: Two men walk past a building on the Google campus in Mountain View (AP/Jeff Chiu)


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