Peter Thiel turns to his inner sanctum for Trump tech team: report

Peter Thiel is reportedly collecting possible names of tech executives and others in the sector to help a new Trump presidential administration.

Thiel may be Silicon Valley’s best and only clear connection to the Trump team, a situation that some in the industry seek to fix, as I wrote this week.

Apparently, Thiel has been busy adding names to his iPad of tech people possibly to serve in the Trump presidency, according to the Washington Post.

So far, Thiel appears to be tapping his own inner circle:

Jack Abraham, a serial entrepreneur who is executive director of the Thiel Fellowship.

Blake Masters, who co-authored with Thiel “Zero to One.” He is also president of the Thiel Foundation.

Joe Lonsdale, co-founder along with Thiel of Palantir, the data-mining startup.

Balaji Srinivasan,CEO of, a Bitcoin firm. Thiel is an investor. Srinivasan, also a board member at Andreessen Horowitz, once advocated for technologists to exit the U.S. to form a separate society, the Post said.

Max Levchin, another PayPal cofounder and a Trump critic, reportedly does not want to join the administration, the Post said, citing an unnamed source.

Abraham told the Post:

The chance to influence the government is a huge opportunity. There are people who are repulsed by Trump, and it’s understandable – Silicon Valley is very liberal. But it’s unfortunate [that some people don’t want to contribute] because this is a unique opportunity for smart people to inject ideas.

Thiel has funded Lyft, Airbnb, drone makers and a marijuana business, which face issues with federal regulators. The Post says that Thiel has spoken with the Trump team about startup challenges.

Photo: Peter Thiel delivers a speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)


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