Twitter’s week of hate: White supremacists, fake ‘black accounts’ and more

It’s been quite a week for Twitter and hatred — and it sure seems like the problem isn’t going away.

CEO Jack Dorsey said sorry Thursday after reports that white supremacists were buying ads on the platform — on the same week Twitter suspended the accounts of some prominent alt-right figures, and rolled out new tools to combat the hate speech and abuse that have plagued the social network.

The ad promoted an article titled “The United States Was Founded as a White People’s Republic.”

Twitter said it is making changes to its automated ad platform to try to prevent a repeat.

“Specifically, we’re going to be adding more keywords and image recognition parameters to more quickly flag this type of content for review,” the company said in a statement to USA Today.

But wait, there’s more. Now comes word that white supremacists are planning to retaliate against Twitter by creating fake “black accounts.”

The founder of the Daily Stormer, a white supremacist website, claims that there are “nearly a thousand” such accounts, and gave directions to like-minded people on how to create more.

“Just go on black Twitter and see what they look like, copy that model,” Andrew Anglin wrote in a post published Wednesday. “Start filling it with rap videos and booty-shaking or whatever else these blacks post.”

The Daily Stormer is named after “the infamous Nazi Julius Streicher’s anti-Semitic weekly newspaper, Der Stürmer, which specialized in pornographic attacks on Jews,” according to the nonprofit civil rights group Southern Poverty Law Center, which also mentions that Anglin “dabbled” in liberal politics before his eventual founding of the website in 2013.

Twitter has not yet responded to SiliconBeat’s request for comment about the purported fake black accounts.

Anglin ended his post with: “Twitter is about to learn what happens when you mess with Republicans,” then “Further orders to follow shortly.”



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  • You might want to back up a step or two and focus on the term ‘supremacist’, so that all racist groups and accounts are equally affected. Otherwise, ‘white supremacist’ etc. will likely be seen as a liberal code word for ‘Trump supporter’. You get that, yes?

    • NoMoreTaxes

      They did. Thats Fuerer Jack got suspended

  • NoMoreTaxes