Too many Asians in Silicon Valley? Trump’s alt-right lieutenant seems to think so

It’s hard to know precisely if President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist believes there are too many immigrants crowded in the cockpit of booming Silicon Valley.

Steve Bannon, executive chairman of conservative news outlet Breitbart News and a guy Trump’s critics now see as a White House Rasputin, doesn’t actually SAY that in his interview with Trump last year. But the interview, which surfaced this week in the Washington Post, does say a lot.

In the chat, which the Post breaks down bit by bit, Bannon suggests that students from other countries should return to their homes after school’s over and not start working at U.S. tech companies.

Trump, though, disagreed, raising concerns about the brain drain that would result if foreign students, specifically at Ivy League schools and top-notch institutions like Stanford, were not allowed to put what they’ve learned to good use, right here in America’s economy.

“When someone is going to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Penn, Stanford, all the greats” and then they graduate, “we throw them out of the country, and they can’t get back in,” Trump said. “We have to be careful of that, Steve. You know, we have to keep our talented people in this country.”

Trump then asked Bannon if he agreed, to which he replied:

“When two-thirds or three-quarters of the CEOs in Silicon Valley are from South Asia or from Asia, I think . . . ”

But Bannon cut himself off. Then he added: “A country is more than an economy. We’re a civic society.”

Figuring out what Bannon meant by “civic society” has become a new internet pastime, as bloggers analytically twist and turn to find meaning. The term, at least as it’s used in the United Kingdom, suggests a “voluntary body or society which aims to represent the needs of a local community.” Examples of such a society’s efforts might include building standards or conservation of historic buildings.

Further along in that same interview, Trump told Bannon that he wanted people to come into the country, to which Bannon replied:

“You got to remember, we’re Breitbart.  We’re the know-nothing vulgarians. So we’ve always got to be to the right of you on this.”

A spokesman for the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to the Post’s request for comment.

As the Huffington Post points out, Bannon may have misstated that percentage of foreigners working in Silicon Valley. It quoted a May 2015 study showing 27 percent of professionals working in Silicon Valley companies were Asian or Asian-American. And they represented less than 19 percent of managers and less than 14 percent of executives, according to the report.

Still, there are certainly plenty of foreign-born folks running some of the world’s largest tech companies, based right here in Silicon Valley. We can start with Lisa Su, president and CEO of chip giant AMD. By the age of 10, according to the company website, Su “developed a taste for engineering by taking apart and fixing her brother’s remote control cars to see how they worked.”

Her academic credentials are jaw-dropping:

During her freshman year at MIT in 1986 when she took a position as an undergrad research assistant manufacturing test silicon wafers for graduate students, she came to truly understand the power and potential of semiconductors. She focused her remaining education, including a masters and doctorate from MIT, on understanding and advancing state-of-the-art semiconductor device technologies. It was during this period when Lisa began to see a future defined by semiconductors becoming intertwined with nearly every aspect of daily life.

You can also throw in Shantanu Narayen, CEO of Adobe Systems, who grew up in Hyderabad, India, the son of an American literature teacher and a father who ran a plastics company. Narayen’s degrees include a Bachelor of Science in electronics engineering from Osmania University in India, a Master of Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley and a Master of Science in computer science from Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. 

And, of course, perhaps the big daddy of all time in the world of foreign-born Silicon Valley CEOs is the guy who runs Google. Sundar Pichai. He’s been in charge of the search giant since late 2015 and was born in Tamil Nadu, India. He is the son of an engineer father and a mother who had to drop out of high school

Oh, yeah – and he grew up in the outskirts of Chennai, India, at the corner of 46th Street and Seventh Avenue . . . in a two-room apartment.

Photo: Steve Bannon. (AP)


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  • Thelip95032

    Come on, Silicon Valley is owned and run by the Indians. Everyone that works there ( outside of Facebook & Google) knows it. In some interviews if your are non Indian it is not uncommon for someone to tell you “this is an Indian company”. Doesn’t really matter Silicon Valley is in the decline , companies like HP and Netapp are doing a swan song.

    • Mark

      The SV is largely a giant unprofitable mess because of the Indians. Trump needs to shut down H-1B and OPT visa issuance immediately upon coming into office, and start cancelling existing visas.

    • tenminutetokyo .

      Indians are all just parasite looters. The nickle-sniffers go where the $ is. They already collapsed Silicon Valley once – in 2002, then moved to Wall St. where they caused the 2008 collapse. One of them is even sitting in a US prison for planting a logic bomb in Fannie Mae’s servers. White Americans build the companies, Indians move in and loot them out. Hence Indians are all self-destroying since they are unable to build even one large successful company on their own. Once they drain everything, they have nowhere to go. How long will it be before they take over and drain out Apple too?

      • Kumar

        You are past the medication stage in malicious insanity, ninny!

    • tenminutetokyo .

      Facebook, Google, Apple. All built by white Americans, all three are the most valuable, successful IT companies in the world. Wonder why that might be. HP and IBM were taken over by Indians long ago. Oh wait, they are dying.

      • Kumar

        Well, the natives died out ( decimated en masse) too, when your savage ilk came invading the New World. No one invited your murderous hordes to North America in any case. So, enough of your deranged rants, ‘espousing’ your ‘white virtues’, honkie!

      • Kumar

        Stupid honkie, thousands or even more Indians and other people worked in all those companies to make them what they are today. Not the fault-finding, dirty, bigoted, ignorant honkies alone!

  • hoapres

    You guys can laugh at me all you want.

    California will (seriously this won’t be a joke movement) try to become an independent country by 2050.

  • Mark

    The H-1B, OPT, and L-1 visas need to be cancelled ASAP. Yes, it will be painful for the foreigner-infested companies in the Silicon Valley, but 4 years from now, there might actually be a sustainable recovery.

  • If all these non whites are so smart, what’s stopping them building their own great universities in their own countries? What is stopping non whites building desirable societies like whites? The become skilled in white majority societies.

    Non whites flock to white majority countries because whites build the more desirable societies.

    • Intranet

      You need to study history. First, China and India were ruined by communism and colonialism respectively. So they are only recently developing. Second, according to your own logic, why didn’t the whites stay and fix Europe’s problems of poverty and overpopulation instead of invading the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia? Europeans basically decided to run away from their problems by shipping colonists to other continents and sucking up resources elsewhere.

      • I wasn’t taught to hate myself and my ancestors and culture, unlike most whites. Try peddling white guilt somewhere else.

        • Intranet

          It’s not white guilt. It’s simply history and pointing out your own hypocrisy and double standard. America, Australia, and South Africa were never white continents to begin with considering all the natives that lived there. Whites colonized those places because they were running out of land and resources in Europe and decided that finding new places to live was easier than fixing their problems in their homeland. So whites have also flocked to other continents instead of fixing their own problems in Europe – which is exactly what you criticized minorities for doing.

          • tenminutetokyo .

            Before whites, America, Australia, and S Africa were nightmares of barbarity. The savages didn’t deserve the land so it was given over to more intelligent civilized people. S African white farmers eliminated a lot of starvation in that country. Now they are being genocided by the very people they helped. Without white civilization the world would be a warring mess of races. Be careful what you wish for.

          • tenminutetokyo .

            Did the North American Savages also have $100K jobs, powerplants, roads, schools, airports, and hospitals waiting for the incoming Europeans? Nope. Those things were all invented by white Europeans in America. The savages were too busy plundering and killing each other to do anything useful for humanity. You also forget that white Europeans have been in America 500 years and built the modern world. Where do 2 billion Asians now get their jobs, industries, and incomes from? From white American genius. Learn some history.

    • tenminutetokyo .

      Without white Americans the modern world would not exist. We train the Asians, we educate them, we even give them jobs in our best companies so they can steal all our best industrial secrets. The Chinese even stole the patented formula for white paint from DuPont. Then the Asians turn around and say we are too stupid to do the work. They even hire our PR firms to pump lies into our own media. The Chinese generals are sitting over in China laughing at how dumb we are. We need to keep our OWN people employed and our OWN people educated.

      • Kumar

        YOUR OWN? Firstly, your ilk themselves are outsiders and invaders, honkie! Except for the natives, everyone else was/is/ will be a fu**ing immigrant, regardless however he/she denies it.

      • IndiannotAmused

        And that is why we need fake pakistani trolls [like you] to pose as White man’s champion .So go forth Sir troll on the pink unicorn and bring us some Indian and Chinese heads……oh wait……the unicorn is made in China……and the Unicorn rental company is run by an Indian…….and you are a Paki troll……lol. Loser. Boo.

    • tenminutetokyo .

      WE train THEM.

      • Kumar

        You pluck their wits and ditch them in the end, honkie!

      • Kumar

        Yeah, you screw them!

  • Intranet

    @Gary John, You need to study history. First, China and India were ruined by communism and colonialism respectively. So they are only recently developing. Second, according to your own logic, why didn’t the whites stay and fix Europe’s problems of poverty and overpopulation instead of invading the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia? Europeans basically decided to run away from their problems by shipping colonists to other continents and sucking up resources elsewhere.

    • tenminutetokyo .

      Europeans couldn’t stay in Europe and fix Europe’s problems because of oppression by the king and his Army. If white Europeans had not come to America and established freedom from oppression, the modern world as we know it would not exist. The North American savages did not deserve America because they were slaughtering each other in tribal wars and no developing anything. In fact, without European civilization, the entire world might look like the native Americans or Indians. India and China ruined their countries with communism, then blamed the white man, who tried to warn them against it 100 years ago. Now they are in America stealing everything not nailed down.

  • What about a civil society, Mr. Bannon?

    • tenminutetokyo .

      Asia sure doesn’t share American values. Asians only care about $ and power.

  • Christiano Fernandez

    Indians are quite disgusting people. They wear their disgusting flip flop sandals to work, have those horrible accents, and they all look like in-breds with severe genetic defects. Not to mention, they are sexually repressed that they try harassing our women at night clubs or online dating sites.

  • Raone

    Did Alt-right pay to gun down two Indians ?

    A Kansas TERRORIST allegedly shouted, “Get out of my country.” Then he shot two Indian men.

    • tenminutetokyo .

      H1B is economic murder of Americans. I have friends who went homeless and died because of H1B.

      • Raone

        Did the H1B be send you a smallpox blanket to your friend ? Did he take over his land/home/Job forcefully with a gun ?

  • tenminutetokyo .

    Nearly ALL of these so-called talented Asian workers are industrial spies here to steal our trade secrets and industrial know-how. Chinese generals are sitting over in China laughing at how stupid we are and saying “we can’t believe what we are getting away with”.

    The offshoring of most US tech jobs in wholesale industrial theft and transfer by racist Asians.

    Silent, raging economic class warfare on white American tech workers is in full swing.

    • Kumar

      You get back to the lunatic asylum, a***ole, as fast as you can, or the remaining therapy will fail too!