Tech companies and people on pro- and anti-Donald Trump boycott lists

The post-election boycott lists are making the rounds, and the biggest loser seems to be Jeff Bezos: He and Amazon appear on lists from both sides.

Are you anti-Donald Trump? Amazon is on a list of companies to boycott because the online retailer carries items from both Ivanka Trump and her father’s fashion lines. But Amazon CEO Bezos is also on a list of companies and people to boycott if you support Trump. That’s because Bezos owns the Washington Post, which has written articles galore about Trump, including about the many scandals and allegations the president-elect is facing.

What a tangled web we weave.

The pro-Trump boycott list is being maintained by someone whose Reddit user name is “WhiteChristianMan,” ThinkProgress reports. The anti-Trump boycott list is part of the #GrabYourWallet campaign. The hashtag caught on last month, co-created by a San Francisco woman named Shannon Coulter after the Access Hollywood tape made famous Trump’s “locker room talk,” according to the Huffington Post.

The other tech companies on the anti-Trump boycott list include Zappos, which is owned by Amazon, and Bluefly. Both are online retailers that carry Ivanka Trump products.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk and Netflix appear on the pro-Trump boycott list, which also calls for people to support Peter Thiel, the billionaire entrepreneur and investor who will be on Trump’s transition team.

Next to the name of Musk, who was listed under “Cucks,” is: “(yes, Elon Musk and the very least his solar city project).”

“Cuck” is short for “cuckservative,” which is what the alt-right/white supremacists call mainstream conservatives they view as weak.

Why is Netflix on the list? A documentary produced by the Los Gatos company supposedly “spreads propaganda for Al Qaeda,” the list on Reddit says. The documentary, “White Helmets,” is about volunteer rescue workers in Syria.

More on the tangled-web, my head-hurts-just-thinking-about-it front: The pro-Trump list also calls for people to support PayPal, which was co-founded by Thiel. The San Jose payments company was also considered for a boycott by the #GrabYourWallet campaign but was left off the list because Thiel no longer is involved in the company’s dealings. However, he does sit on the board of Facebook, which does not appear on the anti-Trump list.

Back to Amazon. Trump also slammed Bezos during the long presidential campaign, saying that Bezos and Amazon are “getting away with murder” and that Bezos is using his ownership of the Washington Post to try to influence politicians to go easy on tax and antitrust issues involving Amazon. For his part, Bezos once tweeted the following:


Photo: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in Seattle in 2014. (Ted S. Warren/AP)


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  • Thelip95032

    boycotting companies because of politics is communist stupid. People will lose their jobs and in case no one noticed the “fly over states” as the elites call them just decided the election and will most likely do so for the future. It is a about jobs.

    • Sobeitunion

      If the companies stop selling Trump products, nobody has to lose their job. The sellers can sell products from other companies that don’t benefit the Trumps. That’s called the free market. BTW, none of the Trump products are made in the US. Boycotting Tump businesses will have zero impact on jobs in the flyover states.

      • Jonaos

        Its being a sore loser, period. When Obama won, millions of people were not happy at all about that, not happy at all. Yet no one turned into little babies like democrats are doing. The brownshirts need to realize this is a democracy and not a communist nation.

        • idoltalk

          wait, people were crying and protesting at the street when Obama won the second term :-/

    • chris n

      trump’s merchandise is made in other countries, and he brags about stiffing workers

      you people are complete morons

  • Jonaos

    These are the real brownshirts of today. They try to intimidate people and bully them by blocking highways, using loudspeakers and screaming at people who disagree with them. They will try to economically harm those they disagree with aswell – this case is a perfect example of that. I firmly believe book burning is not that far off, liberal democrats are so intolerant and hypocritical now that their brownshirts would likely do that to.

    • lameplanet

      You need to look up the words “hypocrisy” and then “intolerance” Mr I support a man who said all Mexicans are rapists….

      • Censorship is uncool

        He didn’t say “all”. The problem with the so called democrats is that most of them have a lower iq than a geranium.
        They’d let globalist sock puppet Killary Clinton declare a no fly zone over Syria and drag the US into a war with Russia over some renamed Al Quaida terrorists (Al Nusra). And just because the main sponsor of Killary’s election campaign, Mr. Soros, wants Assad’s head on a platter.
        Yes – Killary wanted to declare a no fly zone over Syria – this would mean war with Russia. Perhaps many people just don’t want the world to go up in a thermonuclear fireball?
        After all the Russians are the only legitmiate force in Syria because the democratically elected president Assad asked them for support.
        And this also shows that Democrats respect democratic decisions only if they are in favour of the globalists, namely Mr. Soros (and his sock puppets).
        In Syria as well as in the US.
        If Clinton had won the so called democrats would have sung democracy praises. If the turnout is against the globalists (and Clinton sock puppets), Mr. Soros uses fascist methods and sends his paid protesters and street thugs to terrorize people.
        And yes – elections are about more important things than somebody saying Jehova. Get over it.

      • gacl

        Trump never said that. Not in reality, at least.

  • diksus

    #grabyourwallet hasn’t turned out to be the threat that the libtards thought it would be.Shannon Coulter has created my Christmas shopping merchant list for me. If someone was clever enough to add links to a spreadsheet of these vendors, I’d greatly appreciate it!

  • Harry Callahan

    Link please
    If you are equating outrage against Obama to the emotionally unhinged outrage towards Trump, you are either completely ignorant with no clue how comparisons work or you are a willfully dishonest partisan cult member who’s shameless zealotry for democRATS makes you look ignorant AF