New Tinder update adds transgender and 34 more options for users

Whoever, or whatever you think you are, Tinder’s got you covered.

On Tuesday, the — how should I put this gently — social-app-based “dating” company unveiled a big update that includes a revamp of how its users can categorize themselves based on how they view their gender.

Now, if, like me, you have never used Tinder (and, so my wife knows, I never will), you probably have still heard enough about it to have some idea of how it works. You post your photo and some basic information and then you start swiping left or right on the photos of others to show if you like what you see. Once a connection is made, it’s up to the users to decide where to go from there.

And until today, you had two choices of how you could list your gender on Tinder: Man or Woman. But, this is 2016, and offering just Man or Woman as options is so…I don’t know. So “2000”? So 1966? Now, with transgender Americans standing up for themselves like never before, Tinder felt it necessary to give them, and anyone else, more options for how they want to be identified.

Thirty-five options, to be official.

That’s how many gender-identification choices one has on Tinder as of today. There is also an option to not show your gender on your profile.

But, if you want to be considered Transgender, Transsexual, Non-Binary, or Neutrols (Tinder’s spelling), those choices and many others are available via the Tinder app.

In a statement about the new gender choices, Tinder said the addition of the new options was simple.

“We want Tinder to reflect the world that surrounds us every day,” said the company. “We haven’t had the right tools to serve our diverse community in the past, but that changes today.”

Photo: Tinder logo. (Bay Area News Group Archives)


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