Apple cuts adapter prices after MacBook outcry

Apple giveth, Apple taketh away, and Apple giveth again.

The Cupertino firm riled up the tech-savvy masses by removing standard ports from the new MacBook Pro laptops, forcing many buyers to load up on adapters so they could use peripheral devices with their shiny, and pricey, new computers.

Even the new iPhone 7’s power cord doesn’t work with the new MacBook Pros, which have no SD card slot, or ports for HDMI, standard USB or VGA.

Those laptops feature USB-C ports — called by Apple “a next-generation industry standard” — for connection of phones, hard drives, displays and power cables. That means owners of the new MacBook Pros need new cables or adapters for virtually any device they’d want to connect to their laptop.

On Friday, Apple announced deep discounts on adapters. The price of a USB-C to traditional USB adapter dropped to $9 from $19, for example.

The USB-C charging cables, however, remain at the same price.

Cutting adapter prices may help soothe an irritated market, but the company will lose much of what appear to be hefty markups on its adapters. Analyst Wing Lam of IHS told the Wall Street Journal that he estimates that the USB-C to Lightning cable — priced now at $19 instead of $25 — costs about $2.50 to make.


Photo: The Apple logo (AFP PHOTO/GABRIELLE LURIE/Getty Images)



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  • man

    The new Pro is a big middle finger to the Mac user base.